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Select any day and month below to search the world's largest private archive for an original 1962 newspaper gift and choose from a huge range of available titles. Historic newspapers offer a fantastic insight into the most newsworthy events in 1962 history making them the perfect nostalgic gift for anyone born in 1962.

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Original Newspaper Gift from 1962

Recipients love to read what was happening in the world on a date that has a special meaning to them, such as a birthday or anniversary, as it creates a fascinating connection with their past. The Newspaper Gift offers a wonderful trip down memory lane and the personal nature of this present will show that you have put a lot of thought into your gift.

Your newspaper present can be further personalised by adding the recipient’s name and your own greeting on a Certificate of Authenticity, which acts as a guarantee that your newspaper is a genuine original newspaper.

News Headlines from 1962

To whet your appetite for what could be covered in your newspaper gift, here are a selection of the key events that newspapers were reporting on in the year 1962:

1962 History

An original newspaper from the day they were born makes a perfect gift that will be treasured by the recipient for years to come. This one of a kind window into the past offers a fascinating view into days gone by that will fill them with nostalgia and be referred to for years to come. Relive 1962 events as reported in the news through the headlines at the time from one of your favourite newspaper titles. Many of the titles available in the archive are specific to certain regions or have even since been discontinued, you will also of course find all the national titles still popular today.

1962 Gift Options

After specifying an exact date and selecting a title you will then have the option to choose a presentation option. These include luxury gift boxes and deluxe presentation folders to name but a few, making this the perfect gift from 1962 to commemorate special events such as a birthday or anniversary. Every newspaper also comes with a certificate guaranteeing the authenticity of the papers age which can then be personalised for the perfect finishing touch.

News Headlines from 1962 Events

Please see below for some examples of news from 1962 headlines that may be featured in an original newspaper from this era. Often within a newspaper from the past it is the features taken for granted in present day editions that are of most interest to the reader such as advertisements and classifieds. Order a genuine original today to see what made the front page from the day you were born in 1962:

Date Event
4th February 1962The Sunday Times becomes the first newspaper to print a colour supplement.
18th April 1962The Commonwealth Immigration Bill removes free immigration from the citizens of member states of the Commonwealth of Nations.
30th May 1962The 1962 FIFA World Cup opens in Chile. It is the first time that the competition is held on the continent of South America for twelve years.
11th June 1962Frank Morris, John Anglin and Clarence Anglin become the only successful escapees from the Alcatraz Island prison. There is no conclusive evidence that they survived this escape.
17th June 1962Brazil beats Czechoslovakia 3-1 to win the 1962 FIFA World Cup.
1st July 1962A heavy smog develops over London.
6th July 1962Irish broadcaster Gay Byrne presents the first edition of “The Late Late Show“. Byrne goes on to present the talk show for thirty-seven years, making it the longest running talk show in the world.
12th July 1962The Rolling Stones perform their first formal gig at London's Marquee Club. They are the opening act for Long John Baldry.
13th July 1962Prime Minister Harold Macmillan dismisses one third of his Cabinet in what the press dubs the ‘Night of the Long Knives‘.
5th August 1962The South African government arrests Nelson Mandela in Howick and charges him with incitement to rebellion.
5th August 1962Marilyn Monroe, American actress (b. 1926) dies from an accidental overdose. Many conspiracy theories immediately surround her death, involving both John and Robert Kennedy. A general consensus also emerges that her death was probable suicide, but a lack of evidence prevents it from being officially recorded as such.
16th August 1962The Beatles’ drummer Pete Best is fired and replaced by Ringo Starr.
23rd August 1962John Lennon secretly marries Cynthia Powell.
12th September 1962President John F. Kennedy delivers a speech at Rice University, reaffirming that the United States will put a man on the moon by the end of the decade
5th October 1962“Dr. No“, the first ever James Bond film, premieres in United Kingdom cinemas.
5th October 1962The Beatles release their first single, “Love Me Do“.
29th November 1962An agreement is signed between Britain and France to develop the Concorde supersonic airliner.
10th December 1962David Lean's epic film “Lawrence of Arabia“ premieres in London. The cast includes Peter O' Toole, Omar Shariff, Alec Guiness, Jack Hawkins and Anthony Quinn.
14th December 1962U.S. spacecraft ‘Mariner II’ flies by Venus, becoming the first probe to successfully transmit data from another planet.
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A Newspaper From 1962

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