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Historic newspapers have the world's largest collection of past newspapers dating back over the past 100+ years. You can search for newspapers from the past by entering any date or even by searching for specific titles. Past editions of newspapers make perfect gifts for any occasion, especially birthdays and anniversaries. Unlike some other archives these are not past copies of newspapers but are all complete genuine originals in perfect condition after being carefully preserved for many years.

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Past Newspapers UK

To find the past newspaper that you are looking for simply select the day, week and month of interest to see the full range of titles available in the archive from that day. Not only will you find national titles that are familiar from the present day but also many regional newspapers and even past titles which have long since been discontinued. Past times news offers a real insight into life at the time ensuring that they are sure to be as informative as they are entertaining and can be referred to for years to come. Reading past news headlines creates a real sense of nostalgia, they are fascinating not only because of what is being reported but also because of the way that it is being reported.

Past Editions of Newspapers

The perfect complement to newspapers of the past is one of the stunning presentation options available once a title has been selected for your special date. This will not only help preserve and protect your past newspaper for years to come but will also add the ideal finishing touch for the perfect gift. Options range from exclusive wooden gift boxes to deluxe presentation folders which are all of the highest quality, to match that of the newspapers. For extra special occasions, such as a milestone birthday, your past newspapers can have a bottle of your favourite tipple added to the luxury satin lined red gift box.

Original Past Copies of Newspapers

If you order newspapers from the past through historic newspapers they are all sent out with a certificate of authenticity. This verifies that the newspaper is a genuine original edition, and not a reprint or copy, this certificate can even be personalised free of charge. Adding the recipient's name, the occasion and including a personal message makes giving past issues of newspapers even more meaningful, and ensures receiving them is even more special!

Newspaper Books & Nostalgic Gifts

As an alternative to Original Newspapers why not take a look at our range of stunning, made to order, luxury Newspaper Books?

Explore our huge range of Newspaper Gifts and other Nostalgic Gifts, starting from just £6.99 here. These keepsake items are perfect for marking, and commemorating, important dates and special occasions that will be cherished and loved by the recipient for years to come.

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