2017 Gift of the Year

Historic Newspapers is currently celebrating a mammoth achievement after hearing about the results of the 2017 Gift of the Year Awards. In 2016, this event enticed only 140 gifting companies. In 2017, it has been one of the biggest award ceremonies yet, with nearly double the number of entries and, ultimately double the number of competition.

Brought to you by the Gift Aware Association, the Gift of the Year Awards have pioneered nearly four decades of awards for men and women who have helped create a vibrant and successful gift and home industry.

The association represents established companies, manufacturers, start-ups, and retailers, which in turn attracts a grand scale of knowledge and networking. The commercial enterprise of gift giving has revolutionised in the last century, where competitors have set the bar at a new high for creativity and innovation.

With more than 1100 products to judge across 22 categories, an expert team embarked on a gruelling scaling process. An eye for talent and originality, the GA team rose to the occasion, attending, in total, 40 shows. We’re incredibly proud to say that we, at Historic Newspapers, have walked away with two incredible achievements for three of our top selling personalised gifts below.

Ladybird Books are heart-warming reads from childhood. They belong to a simpler, more innocent time, bringing with them nostalgia for past generations. Our new Personalised Ladybird Books have been revived for a contemporary audience, filled with satirical humour, almost boarding on genius. At this year’s 2017 Gift of the Year Awards, we have been bestowed the Brand & Character Achievement. With titles like ‘The Hangover’, ‘The Midlife Crisis’ and ‘The Three Little Pigs’, children and grownups alike are enamoured by their original charm.

The second achievement for Historic Newspapers is for our Beatrix Potter collection of Peter Rabbit Guides, and Personalised Haynes Manuals. These two innovative gifts were awarded ‘Highly Commended’ in this year’s 2017 Gift of the Year Awards.

July 2016 marked the 150th anniversary of Beatrix Potter. Paying homage to her literary mastery and noted philanthropy, our Peter Rabbit Guides provide readers with golden wisdom from the great author. Adored characters like the Tailor of Gloucester, the Flopsy Bunnies, and Pigling Bland feature over three titles; The Little Guide to Virtue, Little Guide to Life and Little Guide to Harmony. Each beloved character leads by example, sharing their adventures and lessons, paired with original Beatrix Potter illustrations. They are entirely one-of-a-kind keepsakes personalised for any individual.

Like the humorous Ladybird Books, our Personalised Haynes Manuals were also voted as ‘Highly Commended’. Haynes Explains are notorious for their automotive manuals, and for every car and model, Haynes has been the Big Brother figure preserving the purr of a car’s engine and essential ‘know-how’ to maintain a vehicle. Now, they are galivanting in the contemporary world, enlightening a wider audience on the delight of ‘Teenagers’, ‘Marriage’, ‘Babies’ and ‘Pensioners’. These ‘how to guides’ shed light on each perplexing stage of life, made and personalised for the recipient.  

We’re proud to bring our customers innovative and original gifts to celebrate milestone moments, and if you haven’t already, be sure to check out our new award-winning gifts on our site. Watch this space until the 2018 Gift of the Year Awards…

2017 gift of the year

Historic Newspapers is currently celebrating a mammoth achievement after hearing about the results of the 2017 Gift of the Year Awards.