Sunday Newspapers in the 1940s

Posted in World War II by Thomas Walker

Sunday newspapers are so rare because most of the stock we receive at the archive now is from bound volumes stored by libraries. However, these tend to be only daily papers since they did not work on Sundays, and thus did not keep the Sunday newspapers. Read more...

  • Historical Period: June 1944
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World’s First Passenger Railway

Posted in Transport by Thomas Walker

Railroads were already in existence for quite some time, used primarily to transport goods, prior to the idea of them being used to transport people as well. This concept was first thought up by Benjamin French at the Bush Inn in Waterfront, Swansea, Wales in 1806. Read more...

Wigtown Shop Front

Posted in Historic Newspapers by Thomas Walker

We've recently been sent this stunning water colour from local(ish) artist Gary Harper. Historic Newspapers as a company is over 25 years old, and has always been rooted in Wigtown, Scotland's national book town. Read more...

RIP Nelson Mandela 1918-2013

Posted in Nelson Mandela by Thomas Walker

A Look at front page newspaper coverage from across the world following the death of Nelson Mandela. Read more...

Free Search Credits

Posted in Family History by Thomas Walker is giving you 40 free credits worth £5 to start your family tree, when you make a purchase from Historic Newspapers before 31st December 2013. To start your journey into family history, simply place an order to receive a voucher and claim your free credits before 15 January 2014. Read more...

Jack the Ripper the First Media Murderer

Posted in Jack The Ripper by Thomas Walker

In the early hours of Friday, 31st August 1888, a carter coming to work found the body of a woman lying by a stable door in Whitechapel. Her throat had been cut and her body mutilated with a knife. Her name was Mary Ann Nichols, and she was only the first victim of the murderer who would come to be known as Jack the Ripper, London -- and the world's -- most famous serial killer. Read more...

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