Historic Newspapers celebrated Fish ‘n’ Chip Friday in London town with the help of Gordon Ramsay (Martin Jordan) and Poppies gourmet fish and chips.

From meetings, interviews and press briefings, Historic newspapers dished out Free Front Page Reprints or £10 off the Day You Were Born Newspapers for the public, as well as a generous serving of chocolate fish and chips.

Check out some of our snaps from the day’s events. Beginning with Ramsay’s interview at the Mail Online Headquarters, followed by our visit to Poppies, and finally, handing out free chocolate fish and chips at Spitalfields Market and Liverpool Street Station.


Martin Jordan giving his top performance for the Mail Online Interview in black and white

fish and chips friday


And in colour…


Martin Jordan and the Mail Online crew sporting our Chocolate fish and chips and nailing the iconic Ramsay pose…


Handing out fish and chips inside the famous Spitalfields Market


Historic Newspapers’ Ecommerce Director Kevin Sears befriending the public

Fish and chips


And again

Kev and public


Martin in action

Fish and chips


The Historic Team getting in on the fun!


Our E-commerce Manager Thomas Walker handing out chocolate fish and chips

Fish and chips


All the fun at one of the most delicious chip eateries ever!

Fish and chips


Ramsay with Reg from Poppies Fish and Chip Shop

Fish and chips


Poppies Fish and chips wrapped in Front Page Reprints from Historic Newspapers

Fish and chips


Ramsay showing Poppies what he’s good at


And finally, the Historic Newspapers Team

Fish and chips