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Alcohol makes a great gift for any occasion, and with the fantastic customised gift sets available here at Historic Newspapers, you can find the perfect combination of a loved one’s favourite tipple and a fascinating historical newspaper from a date that is special to them.

Choose from a range that includes bottles of red or white wine, cognac, port, vodka, gin, prosecco, champagne, and many other great drinks. If alcohol isn’t their thing, there are a range of other newspaper presentation options available; ideal gift sets for any special occasion!

If you are looking for a wonderful and unusual gift for a birthday, anniversary, retirement, or just about any other special occasion for an adult, then you are certain to find something ideal in our range. Whether you want to have a nostalgic gift that will remind a loved one of a special date in their lives, or you want to find a fascinating historical gift, the newspapers in our gift sets will not disappoint, with content as it was when it was originally printed in your chosen year!