Unique 50th Birthday Gifts


We’ve compiled a selection of our most special 50th birthday gifts. But, first things first, congratulations are in order!

Just a few decades ago, the average 50-year-old was expected to live only another 22 years. Nowadays, reaching 50 is like a gift in itself. The moment deserves much more attention.

For a keepsake that’s sensational, how about something from our selection of newspapers?

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  • taittinger-rose
    4 reviews

    Taittinger Rosé and Newspaper Gift Set

    From: £79.99
    010404010402Taittinger Rosé and Newspaper Gift SetPersonalised Gifts/Milestone Birthday Gifts/Unique 50th Birthday Gifts79.99
  • rose wine and newspaper
    2 reviews

    Personalised Rosé with Newspaper

    From: £49.99
    010301010403Personalised Rosé with NewspaperPersonalised Gifts/Milestone Birthday Gifts/Unique 50th Birthday Gifts49.99
  • sparkling rose and newspaper

    Personalised Sparkling Rosé with Newspaper

    010600010406Personalised Sparkling Rosé with NewspaperPersonalised Gifts/Milestone Birthday Gifts/Unique 50th Birthday Gifts67.5

If you want something original, why not look to the past? Our 50th birthday book will give the individual a piece of history like never before and for this special moment, a trip back to the past is simply eye-opening! Or how about a special date newspaper? Choose any newspaper from the individual’s birth date and reveal memories tied to their childhood or help them rekindle moments they had once forgotten.

50th Birthday Gifts for Him and Her

Hitting the 50th benchmark deserves more attention than it probably receives. The individual in question is about to revel in the privilege of being just 50 years shy of receiving the ultimate gift from the queen! Now, if that isn’t one of the most remarkable 50th birthday gifts for him or her, then what else will do?

But that can wait a few more decades yet. In the meantime, our 50th gifts for her and him will equal, if not exceed their expectations for this sensational moment. Since you’ll be picking and creating the gift especially for the birthday boy or girl, you can bet they’ll never have come across a keepsake quite like this, where every detail of your gift will make their 50th, an occasion to remember.