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Personalised Thunderbirds Are Go Comic: Volume 2

Thunderbirds fans can now reminisce the heroic escapades of International Rescue. Written by Allan Fennell, recipients will be hit with nostalgia, featuring iconic illustrations from Frank Bellamy in this reproduced, Thunderbirds Are Go Book: Volume Two.

  • Personalise with Any Name
  • Include a personal Message on the title page
  • Featuring ‘Brain is Dead’, ‘Olympic Plot’, ‘Space Cannon’ and ‘Devil’s Crag’
  • A4 Volume 2 Thunderbirds Book
  • Including illustrations by Frank Bellamy

Thunderbirds became the bestselling British Boys’ comics of their era. Created by Gerry Anderson, this Personalised Thunderbirds Volume 2 Book is one of five annual volumes to collect. Anderson’s comics are instantly recognisable thanks to their unique presentation and layout, reflecting the creator's vision for a ‘futuristic’ tabloid comic.

Inside the pages of this edition, Thunderbirds fanatics can experience the nostalgic, second instalment of Thunderbirds comic strips. Originally released as a two-page spread during the 60s and 70s, readers can catch up on the number one comic of the decade. This Volume 2 Thunderbirds Book, also features remastered illustrations by Frank Bellamy.

The book itself features the recipient’s Name and a Message on the title page. As this Thunderbirds Are Go Book: Volume Two is a collector’s edition, the book is the ideal gift for any Thunderbirds enthusiast.

Titles Featured in Volume Two

Brains is Dead: The Hood convinces the Tracey Family that Brains is dead. The Hood revives Brains, brainwashes him and manipulates Tracey Island secrets from his mind, as an alliance against the Traceys. Thunderbirds Two and Three are destroyed in the process whilst Tracey Island goes up in flames.

The Olympic Plot: Two marathon runners are kidnapped from the 2068 Olympic games. Scott Tracey tracks them down at the Atlas Mountain in North Africa. Mastermind Lavan Morgan is behind the kidnapping and forces the athletes to run through flames to reach treasure that lies beyond.

The Space Cannon: A neutron cannon built by Brains has gone awry. It’s going to decimate everything in its path. Brains and Gordon must stop the cannon, set to fire every 90 seconds. Things are looking murky for the Thunderbirds as the World Airforce set out to blast the cannon before Brains can fix it.

Devil’s Crag: A student, Robert Webb sets out to prove himself to his peers at Steinbeck College by scaling a mountain called ‘The Devil’s Craig’. But he plunges at a staggering pace. Thunderbirds One and Two race to save him, but Robert jeopardises their safety too…

Your Personalised Thunderbirds Volume 2 Book

Personalise this volume with Any Name up to 12 characters and a loving Message on the opening title page, of up to 80 characters over 2 lines.

More Information

This volume was first published in Great Britain 2014 by Egmont UK Limited. Thunderbirds ™ and © ITC Entertainment Group Limited 1964, 1999 and 2014. Licensed by ITV Ventures Limited. All rights reserved.

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