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Wooden Map Jigsaw Puzzles

A stunning keepsake to truly be treasured, our Wooden Ordnance Survey Puzzles combine the fun of puzzle-solving with the treasured memories of a place of great meaning to the recipient. The idea behind this spectacular gift is that the receiver can rekindle the memories made in a particular place whenever they connect the pieces of the puzzle. They’ll be piecing together each moment whilst rekindling memories in a nostalgic way. It’s a fantastic way to renew precious memoirs with family and friends.

  • Personalise with any Address
  • Custom-made Ordnance Survey Map Jigsaws
  • 300-piece premium wooden jigsaws presented in a luxury book box
  • Four geographical map styles to choose from
  • Featuring novelty pieces that say 'Home Sweet Home'

Using any Address, we create an Ordnance Survey Wooden Jigsaw made from innovative digital technology. The result is a vibrantly coloured and detailed print of the selected location, ready for the recipient to piece away the memories. To make this gift idea really stand out, there are four geographical designs to choose from, with each one made of premium quality 3mm wood, complete with 300-pieces. Each puzzle also features novelty-shaped pieces that connect to say 'Home Sweet Home', creating a gift that is individual and sentimental.

To finish off this stunning keepsake, our Ordnance Survey Map Jigsaws are preserved in a matte-black, book box, with the puzzle itself kept inside a luxury red velvet drawstring bag. Not only will this gift supply the recipient with hours of precious memories, they’ll have a lasting reminder significant to them and pass on to following generations. You can even see how your chosen geographical design will look below in the ‘Click Here’ tab to ensure the gift is just right.

Personalise your Ordnance Survey Wooden Jigsaws

Personalise this gift with any House Name/ Number and Street Name of up to 30 characters per line, along with any Postcode of up to 8 characters. Then select your jigsaw Choice.

More Information

These Wooden Ordnance Survey Map Jigsaws are made from 3mm premium wood and measures 32 x 47cm. Each one is presented in a luxury book box with 300-pieces including 15 novelty-shaped pieces and luxury drawstring bag.

To make the jigsaw even more challenging and to test your knowledge of the local area, a guide image is not included.

Map Styles

Landranger Mapping (1:50,000)

Ordnance Survey's flagship map base, the Landranger mapping makes an ideal choice for smaller towns and villages. The map base is bursting with colourful information showing everything from footpaths to motorways and from farms to stately homes. Shows an area of 14.5 miles east to west and 9 miles north to south.

Aerial Photography (1:3,650)

This is a spectacular aerial photographic base that gives you a bird’s eye view of your surrounding community. Shows an area of 1 miles east to west and 0.7 miles north to south. Covers England & Wales only.

Streetview mapping (1:12,000)

Offers named, street-level mapping ideal for urban areas outside London and covers an area of 2.4 miles north to south and 3.5 miles east to west around your selected centre point. Covers all of mainland Great Britain.

London mapping (1:12,000)

Colourful and highly detailed coverage of Greater London inside the M25. Shows an area of 2.4 miles north to south and 3.5 miles east to west around your specified centre point. Covers all postcodes within the M25.

Satellite Mapping

The puzzle displays an area of 0.7 miles north to south and 1 mile east to west around your chosen location, with spectacular satellite views, and incredible detail. This puzzle is only available to England and Wales Postcodes.

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