The Daily Record is a popular Scottish newspaper published in Glasgow, Scotland. The newspaper is in tabloid format and reports on the latest Scottish, UK and world news, as well as sports and politics. The Daily Record is published every day except Sunday, which is covered by its sister paper, the Sunday Mail. The Daily Record provides readers with well-rounded content by focusing on both local and world events. As of April 2019, the newspaper has an average daily circulation of 117,094.

Reading about Daily Record history is fascinating, especially since you’re able to see how the newspaper has progressed since its emergence in 1895. By searching Daily Record archives, you can find original copies of the newspaper from the date of your choice to make a fascinating keepsake gift!


History of the Daily Record

Daily Record history goes back as far as 1895 when the newspaper was founded. The newspaper continues to be printed in tabloid format, and was combined with the North British Daily Mail in 1901. It was then renamed the Daily Record and Mail before the name changed back later on. The newspaper was bought by Lord Kemsley, a Welsh colliery owner and newspaper publisher, in 1922 for £1 million.

On October 7th 1936, the Daily Record printed Britain’s first colour advertisement, which depicted Dewar’s White Label Whisky. 

In terms of political alignment, the Daily Record traditionally supported the conservative Unionist Party until the general election of 1964, when it started backing the Labour Party. Ever since then, the Daily Record has developed a close relationship with the Labour Party, and in 2007 the newspaper donated £10,000 to the party. When the Scottish Parliament election occurred in 2007, the Daily Record published a front-page editorial that attacked the Scottish National Party, due to the paper’s opposition of Scottish independence.

As the first newspaper in Europe to do so, the Daily Record began printing with run-of-colour paper in 1971. It was also the first British newspaper to introduce computer page make-up technology, putting the publication ahead of its competitors. 

Trinity Mirror, now known as Reach plc, purchased the newspaper in 1999 and is Britain’s largest newspaper, magazine and digital publisher. 

The newspaper has a close relationship with the British Daily Mirror, with the biggest stories in British news being printed in both publications. 

In a letter from the editor, the Daily Record claims that they have a strong commitment to people in society who don’t have a powerful voice to speak out on issues regarding them, and the newspaper is known for its “strong social conscience and commitment to the values of equality, justice and fairness.”

The Daily Record is particularly committed to reporting on Scottish sport, especially football, alongside writing for sections on politics, celebrities, and many more. 

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