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The Daily Mail Newspaper

Historic Newspapers have the UK’s largest archive of Daily Mail back issues, covering the last one hundred years. As well as our online newspaper service, individuals can request a specialist Daily Mail archive search through a member of the archive team. Once you’ve chosen your newspaper, the gift can be personalised by adding the recipient’s name, the occasion, and a personal greeting on the certificate of authenticity, which acts as a guarantee that your copy of the Daily Mail is a genuine original newspaper.

Daily Mail History

The Daily Mail is part of Associated Newspapers, which is a subsidiary of the Daily Mail and General Trust, owned by Jonathan Harmsworth (4th Viscount Rothermere). It is printed from Monday to Saturday and has an average daily circulation of 2,139,178 copies; making it the second biggest selling newspaper in the UK, with many of the titles housed in our Daily Mail archive.

The paper takes a centre-right political stance and is considered to be the voice of ‘Middle-England‘. It strongly defends conservative or traditional values and regularly speaks-out against liberal views. You can search our Daily Mail front page archives for more in-depth features on the paper’s political landscape. Although now printed in tabloid format, the Daily Mail continues to position itself in the middle market between the tabloid and broadsheet newspapers.

The Daily Mail was founded by Alfred Harmsworth and his brother Harold Harmsworth, who would later become Lord Northcliffe and Lord Rothermere, respectively. The first edition of the newspaper was printed in broadsheet format on 4th May 1896. When Lord Northcliffe died in 1922, Lord Rothermere took full control of the paper and it would subsequently pass down through the generations of his family. His son Esmond Harmsworth (2nd Viscount Rothermere) was appointed Chairman of Associated Newspapers in 1932 and Esmond was then succeeded by his son Vere Harmsworth (3rd Viscount Rothermere) in 1971. Key features on these dates can be found in our Daily Mail back issues.

Following the death of Vere Harmsworth in 1998, his son Jonathan Harmsworth (4th Viscount Rothermere) became Chairman of both Associated Newspapers and its parent company, The Daily Mail and General Trust. The Daily Mail has therefore remained within the Harmsworth family. Since, the newspaper has benefitted since its very first edition and has risen in popularity. The paper has been cleverly captioned ‘A Penny Newspaper for One Halfpenny,‘ at a time when all other London daily newspapers were priced at one penny. The Daily Mail adopted an imperialist-patriotic stance during the Boer War and became the first UK newspaper to achieve sales of over one million, marking an important milestone in Daily Mail history.

The Daily Mail began to print headlines and news stories on the front page from 4th September 1939, which coincided with the outbreak of the Second World War. The front cover had previously been dedicated to advertisements, as advertising revenue helped towards the cost of producing the paper. In 1960, Associated Newspapers purchased Daily News Limited, publishers of the News Chronicle, from the Cadbury family. The News Chronicle was subsequently merged with the Daily Mail on 18th October 1960 and re-launched in tabloid format on 3rd May 1971, to mark the 75th anniversary of the newspaper. Finally, the paper subsequently merged with its sister-tabloid, the Daily Sketch, on 11th May 1971.

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