Birthday Newspapers

Authentic newspapers from your day of birth.

Original birth date newspapers are special, personal keepsakes. The nature of the gifts, based entirely on newspaper originals dating back to 1900, give individuals a present from the past like no other, making them an ideal gift for any birthday date.

Search the world’s largest archive by entering any date of birth and see the full range of perfectly preserved titles available. Every birthday newspaper gift is guaranteed to be a genuine original and will arrive with a personalised certificate of authenticity. There are even optional gift presentation options to add to the charm of your timeless gift.

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Original Newspapers

The archive spans four centuries of the UK’s most popular newspaper titles. This includes well known national and regional editions. Many of these are still in circulation today, but some newspapers from a certain date have long since been discontinued, making them that much rarer. Individuals can relive the world’s greatest moments as reported at the time through stories, interviews, photography and even the advertisements. Collectively these common newspaper features offer a fascinating insight into the past. They are guaranteed to prompt some fond memories and a strong sense of nostalgia as the recipient enjoys a trip down memory lane.

Birthday Newspaper Gift

Some of the most popular birthday dates for birth date newspapers are milestone occasions, where original newspapers from the recipient’s birthday or the birth year book are amongst the most sought-after gifts. To date the oldest newspaper that has been supplied specifically for a birthday celebration, is 110 years old! The most desirable date of birth newspapers tends to be for the following birthday occasions and in turn, make incredibly memorable milestone gifts:

Pick their favourite broadsheet or tabloid from our huge range using any date or take a look at important milestones like a 1970 newspaper. We maintain large stocks of the most popular date of birth newspaper titles available at the time including The Times archives, The Daily Mirror archive, The Telegraph archives, The Sun archive, and many more. You will even find specific regional titles and discontinued birth date newspapers for certain dates including the Illustrated London News, Scottish Daily Express, Racing Post and Herald, to name but a few.

Date of Birth Newspaper Options

A huge range of presentation options are available for selection, ensuring that not only does this special gift look fantastic, but will also be kept safe. This way it can be enjoyed by future generations for years to come and become a real piece of family history, in turn helping to offer insight into the history of the recipient. Our birthday book is the best example and our no.1 best seller.

Some of the most popular options to compliment a newspaper from their date of birth include various deluxe gift boxes, luxury presentation folders, frames and hardback books. These can be further personalised with a unique message, and more, on the certificate of authenticity. This is included with every single one of our personalised birthday newspapers at no extra charge. These is also the option to add a bottle of their favourite tipple to our red silk lined presentation cases, choose from a huge selection ranging from Champagne to Cognac.

About Our Birthday Newspapers Archive

The Historic Newspapers archive has been growing for over 30 years. This makes it the most comprehensive collection of original birthday newspapers available to buy in the world!

All date of birth newspapers are verified as original prints which have been carefully preserved and protected in optimum condition over the years so that they arrive to you in perfect condition. With the majority of orders dispatched the following day, you can rest assured that this unique and original birthday gift will be with you as soon as possible.

A newspaper from your date of birth can obviously be given as a gift for all sorts of occasions other than birthdays. Some popular events that we regularly supply Original Newspapers for include wedding anniversaries, retirements and christenings, to name but a few!


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Ellesse Bowskill Trustpilot product review 5 star rating June 24 2021

My grandad absolutely loved the newspaper and the fact that it had a crossword in it too!nHe has kept a newspaper from his 70th Birthday to go with it

Neil Hartigan Trustpilot product review 5 star rating June 23 2021


Gerry Pheby Trustpilot product review 5 star rating June 22 2021

Awesome gift for anyone!

Doug Harrison Trustpilot product review 5 star rating June 22 2021

Looks fabulous and presented well.

Elaine Grade Trustpilot product review 5 star rating June 21 2021

Excellent service and product

Suzi Trustpilot product review 5 star rating June 20 2021

Fantastic, great gift for a. Director as well as a personal present. Great presentation and immaculate newspaper.

Ashley Collins Trustpilot product review 5 star rating June 20 2021

I really Great present

Karim Trustpilot product review 5 star rating June 19 2021

Great gift ..

Mark Katarsky Trustpilot product review 3 star rating June 18 2021

Purchased the "gift box" but it doesn't come with the plastic sleeve that you get for free if you don't purchase the gift box. The newspaper is very old so it clearly needs it. When you purchase the additional gift box, it should come in the plastic sleeve inside the gift box.

  • Historic Newspapers Team June 22 2021

    Thank you for your review.

    Your feedback has been passed onto the relevant department and this is something that will be reviewed in the future.

    We hope the recipient was pleased with the newspaper, upon receipt.

    Kind Regards,
    The Historic Newspapers Team

Steve Holden Trustpilot product review 5 star rating June 18 2021

Great product and service.