Original Newspapers

At Historic Newspapers, we’ve got an original newspaper for every date.

With over 4 million titles available, spanning from 1900 to yesterday, we’re confident that you’ll be able to find an original newspaper from a date of your choice with ease. You can then add one of our special presentation options to ensure you have the perfect original newspapers for birthdays, anniversaries or any other milestone commemorative occasion.

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Original Newspapers

Original Newspapers Presented in a Premium Gift Box

Start your search for original archive newspapers by entering any date of your choice to see the full range of titles available. As these are all genuine originals it’s important to remember that only one edition tends to be held of each, so once it’s gone it’s unlikely to ever be replaced!

Once your title of choice has been selected a presentation option can be selected to compliment your Original Newspaper with. Not only do these look great but they also help to preserve and protect your newspaper, this way it can be enjoyed for many years to come. Not just by the recipient but also by future generations keen to discover more about their loved ones pasts.

Finally you will be given the option to personalise your certificate or authenticity. Any name and message can be added whether purchasing original newspapers for birthdays or any other occasion. This adds the perfect finishing touch to this special gift and also guarantees that your newspaper is a genuine original, confirmed so by an expert.

This collection has been built up over the last four decades, buying newspaper runs from libraries, government institutions, universities, and in some cased from the newspaper groups themselves. We have hunted high and low around the world to build up our original newspaper archives. We have bought original newspapers from as far afield as the US, Australia – with our last significant purchase from abroad coming from a University in New Zealand.

If you’re unable to locate the specific Old Newspaper that you require then please contact us as we have a dedicated research team in place who are pleased to help. Please keep in mind however that as time rolls on, finding another newspaper run becomes more and more difficult. This is what makes Original Newspapers from special dates of significance, such as a birthday or anniversary, such a special, and unique, keepsake gift.

Buying Original Newspapers

The collection has been carefully preserved under optimum conditions, which has been looked after by our team of experts over the past 30 years. Current newspaper titles do not offer digital reprints or hold stocks of their own. This is what makes original newspapers all that more special as they truly are an irreplaceable piece of history. Contact any of today’s current newspapers and they will refer you to us, the world’s largest private Newspaper Archive. So don’t delay and start your search today, if you have any specific research requests or requirements then please do not hesitate to get in contact with us as we’re always pleased to help in any way we can.

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Ellesse Bowskill Trustpilot product review 5 star rating June 24 2021

My grandad absolutely loved the newspaper and the fact that it had a crossword in it too!nHe has kept a newspaper from his 70th Birthday to go with it

Neil Hartigan Trustpilot product review 5 star rating June 23 2021


Gerry Pheby Trustpilot product review 5 star rating June 22 2021

Awesome gift for anyone!

Doug Harrison Trustpilot product review 5 star rating June 22 2021

Looks fabulous and presented well.

Elaine Grade Trustpilot product review 5 star rating June 21 2021

Excellent service and product

Suzi Trustpilot product review 5 star rating June 20 2021

Fantastic, great gift for a. Director as well as a personal present. Great presentation and immaculate newspaper.

Ashley Collins Trustpilot product review 5 star rating June 20 2021

I really Great present

Karim Trustpilot product review 5 star rating June 19 2021

Great gift ..

Mark Katarsky Trustpilot product review 3 star rating June 18 2021

Purchased the "gift box" but it doesn't come with the plastic sleeve that you get for free if you don't purchase the gift box. The newspaper is very old so it clearly needs it. When you purchase the additional gift box, it should come in the plastic sleeve inside the gift box.

  • Historic Newspapers Team June 22 2021

    Thank you for your review.

    Your feedback has been passed onto the relevant department and this is something that will be reviewed in the future.

    We hope the recipient was pleased with the newspaper, upon receipt.

    Kind Regards,
    The Historic Newspapers Team

Steve Holden Trustpilot product review 5 star rating June 18 2021

Great product and service.