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100th Birthday Gifts

100th Birthday Gifts


So, the person you’re buying for has become a centenarian – what’s their secret to eternal life?

There’s no rarer occasion than turning 100. It’s one of life’s greatest achievements and a milestone deserving of something spectacular to honour the moment. To do this occasion justice, we’ve chosen the best 100th birthday gifts, each one as sensational as the centenarian you’re buying for.

Our range of 100th birthday gift ideas includes numerous ways to reminisce about old times, be it with our selection of newspaper history books, focusing on either topics like The Battle of Britain and Queen Elizabeth II or a compilation of events from a specific date, year or decade of your choosing, or you might opt for one of our original newspapers, perhaps from your loved one’s date of birth. These papers are also available as part of a gift set with a fine bottle of alcohol; champagne, brandy, wine and many more are available in order to cater for all tastes.

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