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100th Birthday Gifts - Our Selection of Gifts

100th Birthday Gifts

Reaching the big 100 is one of life’s rarest gifts. Celebrate the special occasion with a one-of-a-kind 100th birthday gift.

Custom 100th Birthday Gift Newspapers

Without doubt, there probably isn’t a gift the individual hasn’t seen. 100 years is more than enough time to have received every present imaginable, just a bit more high tech than the last. To counter this lacklustre, you can create custom 100th birthday gifts where each element of the keepsake you make is tailored to the individual.

100th Birthday Gifts for Men and Women

One of our most special gifts for a 100-year-old man or woman are our birthday newspapers. Dating all the way back to 1901, we offer an extensive range of titles, both national and regional. All our newspapers are printed in the exact condition as when the paper first went to print, including adverts and columns. There’s nothing like a trip down memory lane at this superior age.

No matter the keepsake you create, you’ll find the perfect gifts for a 100-year-old woman or man, with every element of your gift personalised just for them. This way, you can guarantee the individual will have two remarkable presents for this absolutely incredible occasion; the other one, will be on its way from the Queen!