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Newspapers for Schools: Unique History Resources

Looking after the world’s largest private archive of original newspapers means we’re extremely passionate about history. We want to share the fantastic resources we have here at Historic Newspapers with education professionals, and provide the means to a great lesson with authentic resources.

This is why we decided to pick out interesting coverage from historical dates of significance so that others could learn about the past, as it was reported at the time!

Our free education packs are available in order to help students discover the causes and consequences of historical events. Hard copies are currently available to schools, universities, libraries and other accredited education establishments. If you’re a teacher at a recognised public institution with an accredited website, then get in contact and request your free history teaching resources today.

Available Resources

There are currently three options available which include a book of compiled newspaper coverage from World War One, and two packs that contain complete newspaper reprints: our World War Two newspaper pack and “Major Events” pack.

Please contact us for more information by emailing our Press Team:

World War I

  • Battle of Loos
  • Gallipoli withdrawal
  • London Air Raid
  • War is Over

World War II

  • Outbreak of War
  • Dunkirk
  • D-Day
  • Death of Hitler

Major Events

  • Titanic Sunk
  • Everest Climbed
  • World Cup win for England
  • Man on the Moon

teaching history resources

Historic Newspapers and Education

Teaching Resources

Old newspapers are ideal for a history lesson. Each page is filled with stories from eyewitnesses, social history detail and topics for discussion. A newspaper is an enjoyable way to help learning and engage a pupil’s curiosity and imagination. Papers allow us to relate past events to the present day and be the starting point for debate on history and its significance today.

Teaching Ideas

As a history teacher you’re always on the lookout for new interactive teaching ideas. A newspaper can provide back-and-forth discussion, page-turning and head scratching in equal measure; newspapers also evoke a certain period with their coverage of the events and personalities of the day.

A newspaper offers the opportunity to promote chronological understanding, evoke a sense of period and offers a framework to discuss today’s events in an historical context.

Learning History

Armed with a selection of newspapers a pupil can look at the changes and continuity across decades of British history and gain insight into the British attitude to the rest of the world, from Empire to the post-colonial period and the Commonwealth.

A newspaper will report on the cause and consequence of events in a succinct and immediate manner.

Teaching Activities

A newspaper pack is an ideal starting point for understanding how historians and others form interpretations of events.

Major news stories encourage historical enquiry and allow a pupil scope to make critical assessments and see today’s events in context.

The World War 1 and 2 newspapers can be used to discuss the changing nature of conflict, the cooperation between countries, the shift of alliances and the lasting impact of the war on national, ethnic, cultural, and religious issues.

If you’d like to see examples of how newspaper coverage has been used in order to interpret history then please visit the Historic Newspapers Blog.

Newspaper Teaching Pack Example Content

Daily Mirror
Wednesday June 7 1944

mirror d day newspaper

Sample Reports inside this paper:-

‘What the Germans are Saying’
A report on German radio’s coverage of the landings at Calais and Boulogne

‘I saw them leap to beach’
Eyewitness report: Aboard a British Destroyer off North France, Tuesday


‘The hour of destiny for Europe, and perhaps for the whole of mankind has struck…’

‘The King calls for a vigil of prayer to sustain our crusade’

Biographies of the key military leaders; Eisenhower, Monty, Admiral Ramsay and Air Chief Marshal Sir Arthur Tedder.

Feeling of Optimism at Headquarters.’


Please note that during busy periods like Christmas your pack may take a little longer to arrive. We also reserve the right to withdraw this offer at anytime if demand exceeds stock.

EMAIL: to arrange your pack!