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The Times Archives

Historic Newspapers have the largest archive of old Times newspapers in the world. This was largely due to its popularity as a trusted source by both government and education institutions that held past copies for their own records. One of the most popular special occasions to purchase an original Times newspaper for is someone's birthday, it makes the perfect commemorative gift and offers a great trip down memory lane.

Recipient's of vintage Times newspapers not only love reading the headlines and front pages from major events the day they were born but also gaining an unrivalled insight into the way things were when they were too young to remember first hand. This is achieved not only through the topical coverage but also the writing style that is synonymous with an original Times newspaper which can still be seen today.

The Times 1932

Born in 1932? This was also the birth year of actress Elizabeth Taylor and evolutionist Bryan Clarke who is also celebrating his 80th birthdays this year. Some other interesting historical events from 1932 include:

19th March 1932The Sydney Harbour Bridge was opened, Sydney's tallest structure until 1967 and still the world's tallest steel arch bridge.
September-October 1932The largest national hunger march in Britain took place in London, followed by later marches in 1934 and 1936.
3rd October 1932The world famous Times New Roman typeface was first used by The Times following its commission a year earlier.

The Times 1942

If you were born in 1942 then you also share your date of birth with actor Bob Hoskins and physicist Stephen Hawking. Interesting events likely to be covered in an old Times 70th birthday newspaper from this year include:

Oxfam foundedOriginally formed to relieve famine in Greece the organisation now works in more than 90 countries worldwide.
13th August 1942The film Bambi is released, the fifth film in the Animated Classic series from Walt Disney.
3rd October 1932Germany successfully launched the V2 rocket, the progenitor of all modern rockets, which was the first human artefact to enter outer space.

The Times 1952

Famous 1952 birth dates include presenter Clive Anderson and politician Eric Pickles, current news in The Times from the day you were born may include:

6th February 1952Following the death of George VI princess Elizabeth claims the throne as Queen Elizabeth II.
2nd May 1952The first commercial jet airliner service was launched called Comet, despite some initial issues many of the jets are still in use today.
5th October 1952For the first time in 12 years due to the war tea rationing in Britain was abolished.

The Times 1962

If 1962 is your birth year then it's also shared with Olympic swimmer Sharron Davies and presenter Philip Schofield. Celebrities you can expect to see in a back issue Times 50th Birthday newspaper from 1962 range from rock to film stars:

12th July 1962The Rolling Stones made their debut in one of British music's most celebrated venues - The Marquee Club
5th August 1962Marilyn Monroe found at home dead in bed at the age of 36 under slightly suspicious circumstances
29th November 1962Britain and France agree to collaborate on the Concord, an arrangement primarily struck due to the high costs involved

The Times 1972

Those born in 1972 also share their date of birth with actor Jude Law and comedian/actress Miranda Hart, events appearing in The Times from this birthdate may include:

4th January 1972The first scientific hand-held calculator is available, a bargain of just under '3,000 in today's terms!
6th September 1972The Munich Olympics terror attacks take place and leave the world in shock.
29th November 1972The video game generation is born with the Atari release of Pong, the first game to achieve commercial success.

A Brief History of The Times

The Times is part of Times Newspapers Limited and is a subsidiary of News International, which is owned by the News Corporation group under Mr Rupert Murdoch (the world media baron). It is printed Monday-Saturday in compact (tabloid) format and has an average daily circulation of 600,962 as of December 2008. The newspaper is traditionally a moderately centre-right newspaper, but supported the Labour Party under Tony Blair at the general elections in 2001 and 2005. Nevertheless, the Times changed allegiance on 1st May 2010 by officially endorsing the Conservative Party for the first time in 18 years.

The Times was originally founded as The Daily Universal Register on 1st January 1785 by John Walter. In his opening editorial, John Walter declared that a newspaper "ought to be the register of the times and faithful recorder of every species of intelligence; it ought not to be engrossed by any particular object; but like a well covered table, it should contain something suited to every palate: observations on the dispositions of our own and of foreign courts should be provided for the political reader; debates should be reported for the amusement or information of those who may be particularly fond of them; and a due attention should be paid to the interests of trade, which are so greatly promoted by advertisements".

On 1st January 1788, John Walter changed the name of the newspaper to The Times, which is a newspaper title recognised worldwide today as a newspaper of record.

The Times remained in the Walter family for four generations up to 1908, when it was bought by Alfred Harmsworth (later Lord Northcliffe) of the Daily Mail. On the death of Lord Northcliffe in 1922, the newspaper was purchased by John Jacob Astor, who was a son of William Waldorf Astor, 1st Viscount Astor of The Observer newspaper (and should not be confused with John Jacob Astor IV who died on The Titanic in 1912). The Astor family sold The Times to the Canadian media entrepreneur Roy Thomson (1st Baron Thomson of Fleet) in 1966. Rupert Murdoch's News International purchased The Times (as part of Times Newspaper Limited) from Roy Thomson in 1981.

The Times Library Edition was introduced on 2nd July 1917. This was a special edition printed on quality paper for libraries and royal palaces. It was renamed the Times Royal Edition in 1922 and continued to be printed until 31st December 1969.

On 3rd May 1966 The Times printed news stories on the front page for the first time- the front page had previously been dedicated to advertisements and paid announcements (births, marriages & deaths) which helped significantly towards the costs of producing the newspaper.

The Times newspaper was closed down due to an industrial dispute from 1st December 1978 until 12th November 1979 and thus no Times newspapers were printed during this period (first issue after the strike was 13th November 1979).

The Times magazine (which should not be confused with Time magazine) was first printed as the Saturday colour magazine supplement of the newspaper on 13th March 1993.

The Times newspaper was a broadsheet newspaper until November 2003, when it started to produce a compact (tabloid) edition of the newspaper in addition to the broadsheet edition. Since 1st November 2004, the newspaper has been printed in compact format only- although its sister paper The Sunday Times remains a broadsheet newspaper and the new "Saturday Review" supplement of the Saturday edition of the Times is also printed in broadsheet format.

Currently, the main regular supplement in The Times (Monday-Friday) is the "times2" features section which includes TV/Radio listings and reviews. There is also "The Game" sports section which appears on Mondays only and the "Bricks & Mortar" property supplement on Fridays.

The Saturday edition of the newspaper was re-launched on 24th January 2009 with the "Money" section incorporated into the main newspaper whilst the sports coverage was given its own separate section. Thus the Saturday edition currently includes "The Times Magazine", the "Playlist" magazine (TV/Radio listings and film/theatre & music reviews) plus the "Saturday Review" (arts & books), "Weekend" (body & soul, food & drink and travel) and "Sport" newspaper supplements.

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