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Historic Newspapers

Historic Newspapers is the world's largest private archive of over 4 million Old Newspapers and Newspaper Books in a collection that is still growing every day. The archive is created primarily from UK Historical Newspapers, both national and regional titles, spanning the last four centuries of our recent fascinating history.

This extensive collection has been assembled thanks to close relationships with various national and local Libraries, Government Departments, and Universities that, in years gone by, used to hold a newspaper from every day. This is because Historic Newspapers offer an unrivalled insight into the past, giving a true window into how the world once was through insight into past events as reported at the time. This is what makes Historic Newspapers such unique and interesting gifts that any recipient will treasure and enjoy for years to come.

UK Birthday Newspaper Gifts

The popularity of giving and receiving Original Newspapers continues to rise as their rarity increases. This, in turn, further increases both the monetary and sentimental value for the owners. As only genuine originals are held in the archive, with no copies created, once an original newspaper title for a certain date has been sold it's unlikely to be replaced.

Milestone birthday dates are always popular, as everyone loves to receive and read a newspaper from the day they were born. It provides a fantastic trip down memory lane and can be complimented with any one of our amazing presentation options. This ensures your treasured keepsake newspaper will be both protected and preserved for enjoyment by future generations.

Find Back Issue Newspapers by Date & Title

All issues held in our Newspaper Archives have been catalogued by both date and title ranging from today right back until 1900. This means that you can search for any date spanning the last 100+ years to see the full range of newspaper titles available to purchase. The Historic Newspaper titles are both national and regional, for both current and discontinued titles. A full breakdown of the most popular newspaper titles can be found here but we've also listed some of the most popular below:

There are obviously far too many titles available to list all at once here. Searching for your date of interest is the best way to see a full list of what's available. Alternatively, we have a dedicated team in house to conduct specially requested newspaper research for whatever project you have in mind.

Date of Birth Newspapers

In addition to Birth Date Newspapers a range of carefully selected gifts have been developed that are perfect for all manner of special occasions. These range from special Birthday Newspaper Books to Personalised Football Books and many more commemorative items. Whether it's a Mafia themed dinner party, or a CD/DVD that contains all the biggest moments from your year of choice, you'll find something of interest in our nostalgic gifts section.

The most popular dates for newspapers requested tend to directly correlate to their subsequent years. So for 2014 the most commonly requested dates we expect to see for milestone dates include:

Historic Newspapers Archive Info has been operating as a business for over 30 years and is the world's go to Newspaper Archive for original Historic Newspapers. Every newspaper in the archive is carefully stored and preserved under optimum conditions at our Scottish archive located in Scotland's national book town. If you order a newspaper from elsewhere then chances are it has been sourced from our archive!

Every newspaper is carefully checked by an expert to guarantee it as a genuine original, and not a copy or reprint produced at a later date. This is why every past newspaper sent out includes a certificate of authenticity. What's more; this can be personalised with any name, occasion and message at no extra charge. This makes the perfect finishing touch to an extra special gift whether it's a birthday, retirement, wedding anniversary newspaper or any other.

Personalised Newspaper Gifts

We hope that you enjoy searching the newspaper archive at your leisure and be sure to keep us in mind for any special occasions. Our thousands of happy customers spanning over a decade are testament to what a unique and fantastic keepsake gift historic newspapers are for all manner of events and occasions. If you have any questions then please be sure to get in touch via our help section and we will be delighted to assist you in any way we can.

If like us you have a passion for history then be sure to keep in touch. The best way to do this is to check out the Historic Newspapers Blog or sign up to our newsletter and follow us on social media via the footer at the bottom of every page. Here you'll find lots of interesting on this day related facts and snippets or more in-depth looks into historical events with lots of fascinating quotes, snippets and clippings from historic newspapers.