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60th Birthday Gifts - Our Selection of Gifts

60th Birthday Gifts

The birthday boy or girl has certainly had a few memorable experiences in the last 60 years, so why not choose the most important one – the day they were born. By choosing the perfect 60th birthday gift from this range, you’ll give the individual a unique window into what else happened on their birthday, a day that just wouldn’t be the same without them.

60th Birthday Keepsakes

Powerful and insightful, you’d be surprised just how compelling a 60th birthday newspaper is for the individual. All our newspapers are printed in the exact condition as when the paper first went to print, including adverts and columns. Just imagine how awe-inspiring this tangible piece of personal history is for the recipient – more importantly, what events in history does the reader share with this important day?

60th Birthday Gifts for Men and Women

Whatever you choose, our 60th birthday gifts for men and women will give the individual a keepsake to rekindle the most important moments from their past. As memories grow cloudy over time, something so simple like a newspaper from history could relight the fire of their imagination and prompt a flood of forgotten moments to reminisce.