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90th Birthday Gifts - Our Selection of Gifts

90th Birthday Gifts

90th Birthday Gifts for Her and Him

Our gifts for 90 year olds take the recipient back to the past. Step back in time with our photo archive where a single photograph can become a doorway into another world where memories, forgotten over time, are restored. The individual will be overwhelmed with precious emotions intertwined with the picture. Along with our local history books about the UK, our photo archive is extensive, covering landscapes, villages, hometowns and cities across England, Scotland, Wales and the Channel Islands.

If you’re buying for an avid historian, let them explore the distant depths of 19th century Britain with a Victorian newspaper, or let them revisit their favourite team’s history with a personalised football book. Or for more 90th birthday gift ideas to bring a warming sense of nostalgia to that important person’s day, how about a Ladybird book? Including the Well-Loved Tales series to new spoof editions, childhood classics get a ‘grown up’ makeover the recipient will marvel in on their special day.