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The Guardian Newspaper

Historic Newspapers have the UK’s largest archive of Guardian back issues, covering the last one hundred years. As well as our online newspaper service, individuals can request a specialist Guardian newspaper article search through a member of the archive team. Once you’ve chosen your newspaper, the gift can be personalised by adding the recipient’s name, the occasion, and a personal greeting on the certificate of authenticity, which acts as a guarantee that your copy of the Guardian is a genuine original newspaper.

History of the Guardian Newspaper

The Guardian newspaper archive is part of the Guardian Media Group owned by the Scott Trust, together with the Manchester Evening News and Observer newspapers. It is printed Monday - Saturday in the Berliner (mid-size) format and has an average daily circulation of 343,010 as of December 2008. Editorial articles in The Guardian generally sympathise with the middle ground liberal to left wing end of the political spectrum. On the 1st May 2010, The Guardian newspaper officially endorsed the Liberal Democrats for the first time.

The history of the Guardian newspaper dates back to 1821, where the first issue of the Manchester Guardian was printed in Manchester on 5th May 1821. The paper was a weekly supplement published on Saturdays, founded by a group of non-conformist businessmen and headed by John Edward Taylor. The new publication proclaimed that it "will zealously enforce the principles of civil and religious liberty… it will warmly advocate the cause of reform; it will endeavour to assist in the diffusion of just principles of political economy; and to support, without reference to the party from which they emanate, all serviceable measures".

The Manchester Guardian became a daily newspaper in 1855 following the abolition of stamp duty; a tax on newspapers that forced the price of newspapers to rise. Before this, it was uneconomic to publish frequently, and the change allowed for prominent journalists to write for the paper. C P Scott was the most famous editor at the time, for 57 years from 1872. He later became the owner of the paper after he bought the paper from the estate of Taylor’s son (John Edward Taylor jnr) in 1907. Years later, in June 1936, ownership of the paper passed to the Scott Trust (named after CP Scott’s son, John Russell Scott, who was the first Chairman of the trust). This move has ensured the Guardian newspaper archive maintained its editorial independence right up to the present day.

The Manchester Guardian first carried news stories on the front page on 29th September 1952. The newspaper dropped "Manchester" from its title on 24th August 1959 and became, The Guardian as it is still known today. On 11th September 1960, the first London edition was printed in addition to the Manchester edition. Changes were making waves. Previously a broadsheet newspaper until 10th September 2005, the Guardian newspaper archive changed to the Berliner or mid-size format on 12th September 2005.

Currently, The Guardian each weekday comes with the "G2" supplement containing features and TV & radio listings, with a separate section on sports. Other regular supplements during the week include the Media Guardian (Mondays), Education Guardian (Tuesdays), Society Guardian (Wednesdays), Technology Guardian (Thursdays) and Film & Music (Fridays). The Guardian on a Saturday includes the Weekend colour magazine and The Guide listings magazine, plus the Sport, Family, Review, Travel, Money and Work supplements.

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