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Select any date and access all the newspapers available in the largest UK newspaper archive spanning over 100 years. All available titles will be displayed after entering your special date, with an option to select a presentation pack for the perfect gift.

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The Mirror Archives

Welcome to the world’s largest Daily Mirror archives dating back as far as 1900 when this popular tabloid newspaper was first launched. An original Mirror newspaper is a fantastic commemorative gift for special occasions and offers truly unique insights into current events, and areas of interest, at the time of print.

The Daily Mirror was founded in 1903, and within ten years it became Britain’s second highest circulating morning newspaper, in part thanks to its design of using images on its headline pages. In May 2012, the Daily Mirror and Sunday Mirror merged into the single seven-day-a-week title we know today. Our Daily Mirror back issues date back to its inception, right up to the present day, all perfectly preserved to allow you to buy a piece of history to treasure for many years to come.

Old Daily Mirror newspapers are a popular choice in title due to the method of reporting, promising “to be entertaining without being frivolous, and serious without being dull”, which still rings true today.

The Daily Mirror Supplements

On 11th October 1997, the Daily Mirror launched ‘Look’ magazine. This was the second time a colour insert had accompanied the newspaper and the first time a magazine was issued alongside the Saturday edition. It included television listings, reviews and celebrity interviews, in addition to features on fashion, shopping and cooking.

On Tuesday 2 November 1999, another insert was launched. ‘M’ was a mid-week magazine for women, which incorporated features and advice on beauty, fashion, food, health and relationships. On 10th February 2001, ‘M’ was moved to the Saturday edition of the paper, therefore accompanying ‘Look’ and providing readers with two magazines for the weekend.

The final editions of the ‘Look’ and ‘M’ magazines were printed on 9th August 2003, in the year of the paper’s one hundredth anniversary. They were replaced by the ‘We Love Telly’ magazine one week later, which contained television listings, reviews, interviews and a puzzle page.

There are several regular supplements that currently accompany the Daily Mirror. During the week, the two main additions are ‘Mania -We love football’ on Mondays (during the football season) and ‘The Ticket’ entertainment guide on Fridays. Two regular supplements also accompany the Saturday edition of the newspaper – the football themed ‘Mania on Saturday’ (from August to May) and the ‘Winner – We Love Racing’ horse racing supplement. The weekly ‘We Love Telly’ magazine is also still printed on a Saturday.


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