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As the UK’s largest newspaper archive, we have over 3 million genuine newspapers spanning over four centuries.

Newspapers provide an unparalleled glimpse into the past. Those fascinated by the past can relive history as it was first reported on as each newspaper is an original, with no embellishments or alterations. This preserves the history of the paper you’re reading, taking you back to the exact event or moment and seeing how the media and public reacted at the time.

Whether you’re looking for an original issue from the last 100 years, or a Victorian Newspaper from the 19th century, our archives date back to 1900, reporting on many of the last century’s greatest moments as they happened.

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Personalised Father's Day Gifts

This rich archive of newspapers is actively used by multiple platforms. Offering regional and national titles, our archives are extensive and unmatched. We supply newspapers to researchers, media programme developers, historians, and educational establishments. Newspapers are acknowledgements of the past, representing society and how far the world has advanced since. However, by far the greatest demand we have is for archive newspaper gifts, suitable for all manner of occasions, most commonly birthdays, anniversaries and life-milestones.

Buy Archive Newspapers at Great Prices

Archive newspapers make particularly spectacular keepsakes for those with a great interest in the past. The recipient tends to find an invaluable resonance relating to a certain date or headline, triggering nostalgic moments from their own lives. A single newspaper can give the individual a direct connection with their past, be it the news, latest fashion, gossip, sporting events or prices of everyday items. Due to the size of our newspaper archive, we can supply an archive newspaper from nearly any date. Simply enter your special date of interest at the top of this page and you will see the full range of newspaper titles available.

Historic Newspapers has a full-time archivist who can conduct research on our newspaper archive. We do a lot of work for media companies relating to programme development, as well as commissioned research by various institutions on specific themes. We are also asked to do research for members of the public who are looking for a past newspaper article – often an article in which either they or one of their relatives featured. So long as we are given a clear brief as to where to look, we can find the article being sought after.


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michael Trustpilot product review 1 star rating June 6 2020

Nothing received. Nor progress/tracking report. Rubbish.I shall warn others about this site.

Stephanie Mcdermott Trustpilot product review 5 star rating June 6 2020

This was for a 40th birthday and was really enjoyed

Deborah Trustpilot product review 5 star rating June 6 2020

In mint condition but definitely original. Needs to be handled delicately which makes it feel more special, and has clearly been treated with respect. Tissue paper wrapped for protection. The paper is a 1930 Sunday Pictorial - full of fascinating news, advertising, local stories, the Royals. Great for older recipients as a visual memory prompt. I found it fascinating and a fantastic keepsake.

Mrs carole clarkson Trustpilot product review 5 star rating June 6 2020

Love it .its what I wanted.

Ruth+Weir Trustpilot product review 5 star rating June 5 2020

Excellent quality

Alana Trustpilot product review 5 star rating June 5 2020

Easy to navigate around the website, authentic and fast delivery even during these unprecedented times

kim sheppard Trustpilot product review 5 star rating June 5 2020

Absolutely love this very personal present, highly recommend this company

Adrian Houghton Trustpilot product review 1 star rating June 4 2020

It was fantastic exactly what you said on the tin

martin duggan Trustpilot product review 5 star rating June 4 2020

I chose the Daily Express & was very pleased with content & condition of the newspaper itself considering its 50 years old.

customer Trustpilot product review 5 star rating June 4 2020

Speedy service and delivery, would recommend