Personalised Football Books

With our range of newspaper books you can relive some of the most iconic and unforgettable moments in history.

A Personalised Football Book for Any Occasion

In troubling times with no sport, Historic Newspapers’ bespoke football books don’t just make it possible to view the past. You can explore it.

With the handbound designs, the embossed name adding that extra personal touch to the cover and a priceless collection of the team’s greatest moments – there isn’t a gift that can match it.

From legendary cup triumphs, great goals, dramatic promotions and thrilling victories, a football newspaper book documents content from the most prolific games, including Premier League, Football League and Scottish League teams. And the newspaper coverage dates back to the early 1900s for the most extensive and detailed reports.

Available in a range of leather and leatherette covers, colours and special editions, the books are tabloid size, necessary to house the extensive coverage. With over sixty teams, a personalised football book for your team lets you relive the moment as if you were witnessing the games unfold in front of your eyes, through first-hand accounts of those present at the games at the time.

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