Historic Newspapers 10th Birthday

This week we celebrated the 10th Birthday of Historic Newspapers at both our Southern and Northern locations. The big 1-0 is a huge milestone for birthdays, much like reaching 21, 30 and even 90. It's difficult to find presents for such mammoth occasions like gifts for 90-year-olds or even 30-year-olds, but 90th birthday gifts and keepsakes for such milestones don't get much better than a birthday shared for all!

This was such a fun day for us here at Historic Newspapers. A picnic in the park was organised as well as a trip to the local golf course for lunch. In addition to some tasty treats, we also had a treasure hunt, quiz and other great games. At the end of the day, we were all also given a reproduced front page from the day we were born! 

Everyone began to arrive at the park in Harpenden and prepared for a speech, followed by a treasure hunt and cake. Then, we were all presented with our Birthday Front Pages! We all soaked up the sun whilst in Wigtown, the team kicked off the day in teams with a scavenger hunt.

The scavenger hunt took us all around the local area and we got to meet some interesting characters whilst we posed for photos to complete our challenges! After the scavenger hunt, we enjoyed a bite to eat and a well-earned drink whilst a speech was given.

Then the rest of the day was spent with an activity of our choice at the golf course.

Photos from the 10th Birthday celebrations of Historic Newspapers as we celebrate being the world's largest original newspaper archive.