Owned by Scott Trust, along with the Manchester Evening News and the Observer newspapers, The Guardian is part of the Guardian Media Group. With a daily circulation of 343,010 as of 2008, The Guardian is printed Monday through Saturday in a mid-size format. On the political spectrum, the publication generally supports the mid liberal to left wing side, officially supporting the Liberal Democrats in 2010 for the first time. In particular, the newspaper has been credited for its investigative journalism and its foreign correspondence. You can browse our Guardian back issues to read a copy of the newspaper from the date of your choice!

The Guardian Original Newspapers

History of the Guardian

The first publication of the paper dates back to May 5th 1821 when the first edition of the Manchester Guardian was printed in Manchester. To begin, the publication was only a weekly supplement that was published every Saturday headed by John Edward Taylor. The first edition of the newspaper claimed that it would advocate civil and religious liberty.

The Stamp Duty in the UK was a newspaper tax that forced newspapers to increase their prices, which made it expensive to publish newspapers frequently. When this tax was abolished in 1855, The Manchester Guardian became a daily publication. 

The most famous editor of the Manchester Guardian was C P Scott who undertook the role for 57 years from 1872.

29th September 1952 marks the first time the newspaper printed news stories on the front page. 24th August 1959 marks the first day that the publication dropped “Manchester” and became The Guardian as it is known today. In September 1960 the first ever London edition was printed alongside the Manchester edition. Previously broadsheet, the paper also changed to a mid-sized format in 2005.

At the moment, The Guardian is released each day with an accompanying ‘G2’ supplement containing features on TV, radio, sports, music, society and technology to name a few. The topic of the supplement varies every day of the week.


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Where is the Guardian published?

From 1821 to 1959, the Guardian was printed weekly in Manchester and was known as The Manchester Guardian. After becoming a daily newspaper in 1855, the company dropped “Manchester” from the name to allow the newspaper to be seen as a national daily newspaper, rather than one associated with the north. After printing its first London edition in 1960, the newspaper’s editor and editorial staff moved to London in 1964 to publish the Guardian newspaper we are familiar with today.