Napoleonic Era Newspaper Collection

Napoleon Era Newspaper Collection

Napoleon Bonaparte by Jacques-Louis Davis (image source: Wikimedia Commons)

The Original Newspapers printed on the day, covering the turbulent years around Napoleons height of power in 1810 when the whole of Europe trembled under France’s domination, to his death in 1821.

These newspapers are original (not copies), and cover all the major news events and battles as reported in The Times.

Early Times Newspaper

Review the newspaper reports of Napoleon’s Russian campaign including the Battle of Smolensk, Borodino where French forces entered Moscow and Berzina covering Napoleon’s ignoble retreat. Coverage of the Peninsula War is also available, including the Battle of Salamanca, Wellington’s entry into Madrid in 1812, Vitoria and the Battle of the Pyrenees.

Read about the final years of Napoleon’s power, the fall of Paris in 1814, the Battle of Toulouse, Napoleon’s abdication and subsequent escape from Elba, re-entry into Paris and of course the Battle of Waterloo.

The major events of 1815 to 1821 are also covered including reports on the Congress of Vienna, Napoleon’s departure to St Helena, the funeral of George III, Coronation of George IV and death of Napoleon in 1821 and much more.

The offer price shown is based on selling the collection as a whole, but individual bids for parts of the collection will be considered.

The Napoleonic Era Collection 1810 - 1821 – Available Original Newspaper List

Newspaper TitleDatesQuantityCommentsTotal CostTimesJanuary-December 1810268 appoxNewspapers @ £10 each. Approx 45 dates missing, including most of January£2,680.00Times15th May 1812-30th December 18151100 approxNewspapers @ £10 each. Excludes key Napoleonic dates listed below£11,000.00Times7 August 18121Battle of Salamanca first reports£75.00Times17 August 18121Battle of Salamanca main report£150.00Times5 September 18121Wellington enters Madrid£100.00Times7 September 18121Battle of Smolensk first report£50.00Times9 September 18121Battle of Smolensk main report£100.00Times8 October 18121Battle of Borodino ( & Napoleon enters Moscow)£100.00Times24 December 18121Battle of Berezina (retreat from Russia)£100.00Times15 & 17 May 18132Battle of Lutzen£150.00Times3 & 4 June 18132Battle of Bautzen£150.00Times5 July 18131Battle of Vitoria£500.00Times17 August 18131Battles of the Pyrenees£100.00Times11 September 18131Battle of Dresden£75.00Times4 November 18131Battle of Leipzig (Battle of the Nations)£100.00Times18,19,22 February 18143Six Days Campaign£225.00Times21 March 18141Battle of Orthez£100.00Times6 April 18141Fall of Paris£100.00Times9 April 18141Abdication of Napoleon£100.00Times11 April 18141Further coverage on Abdication of Napoleon£75.00Times22 & 26 April 18142Battle of Toulouse first reports£100.00Times27 April 18141Battle of Toulouse main report£75.00Times11 March 18151Napoleon escapes from Elba and lands in France£75.00Times27 March 18151Napoleon enters Paris£100.00Times22 & 23 June 18152Battle of Waterloo£2,000.00Times27 June 18151Napoleon abdicates for second time£75.00Times24 & 25 July 18152Congress of Vienna£100.00Times11 August 18151Departure of Napoleon for St Helena£100.00Times1 January 1816-31 December 18211811 approxNewspapers @ £5 each. Excludes key events listed below£9,055.00Times7 & 20 November 18172Death & funeral Princess Charlotte£300.00Times18 August 18191Peterloo massacre first report£75.00Times19 August 18191Peterloo massacre main report£150.00Times25 January & 14th February 18202Death & funeral Duke of Kent (father of Victoria)£150.00Times31 January & 17 February 18202Death & funeral George III£300.00Times18 August- 11 September 182021Trial of Queen Caroline£525.00Times4 October- 31 October 182024Trial of Queen Caroline£600.00Times3-10 November 18207Trial of Queen Caroline£175.00Times11 November 18201End of trial against Queen Caroline£100.00Times5 July 18211Death of Napoleon£100.00Times20 July 18211Coronation George IV£150.00Times8 August 18211Death of Queen Caroline£100.00Times15,16,17 August 18213Funeral Queen Caroline£300.00TOTAL£30,735.00Offer Price£6,500

The offer price shown is based on selling the collection as a whole, but individual offers for parts of the collection will be considered.

This collection is owned by Historic Newspapers an established archive business of over 25 years. Historic own the largest private archive of British Newspapers and today have over 7m in stock dating back to 1685.

Please call John McMillan on 01988 402 132 for Newspaper Research Services if interested in these or any other key dates, from Nelson’s victory at the Nile and Trafalgar, Napoleon’s defeat at Waterloo, Queen Victoria’s coronation and funeral to more recent events such as Kennedy’s assassination, the lunar landings, and 9-11.

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Original Napoleonic era newspapers for same covering everything from the battle of Salamanca in 1812 to the funeral of Queen Caroline in 1821, and more.