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Archive and Product Information

  • How to Order Old Newspapers

    Our website makes finding the perfect gift very easy. If you are looking for a newspaper from a specific date, start by simply selecting your date from the drop down options. Once you have chosen a date you will be shown the available newspaper publications we have for this day in history. Pick a publication you are happy with, for example, The Times, and you will be taken to the next stage of the process.

    Here, you can browse our gift packages – we offer a wide range of presentation options for your newspaper at an additional price. If you choose to order one of these gift packages, you will also receive a Certificate of Authenticity which you can personalise at the next step. Once the personalisation is complete, add to your basket! Check or edit any details here and send your order off to be made.

  • How to Find a Paper Covering a Specific Event

    Due to the vast amount of papers we hold, we do not have a digital archive. This means that we are only able to search for newspapers by date, and are unable to search for article titles or content.

    However, we do have an expert team of researchers who are on-hand to physically search our archive and find what you are looking for. Simply contact us at giving as much detailed information about the event as possible (the date, the location and the newspaper publication if possible). The cost of the research will depend on the amount of information supplied.

  • How Are Old Newspapers Preserved?

    For centuries, newspapers for each month were bound into leather binders to preserve and protect them from ageing, and to allow researchers to access them quickly and easily. When a newspaper is sold, the paper is carefully removed from the binding and prepared for shipment.

    We know how to preserve old newspapers. Our warehouse is located on the amazing west coast of Scotland and the damp sea air is pivotal to helping keep the papers in such great condition. 

    Avoiding hot, bright and dry conditions, our newspapers are carefully looked after in our archive. Because our newspapers are originals, they can be fragile and require special archive tape to reinforce areas which may deteriorate from use. This tape is clear and is designed so that you can read your paper freely.

  • How To Preserve Old Newspaper Clippings Yourself

    If you are wondering how to preserve old newspaper clippings yourself, our advice would be to keep the papers in a cool place out of direct light. Handling your newspaper too much could cause the quality to fade more rapidly than it would otherwise. Ensure that you protect the newspaper in a shallow and sealed box – or one of our gift boxes.

  • Are The Newspapers Actually Original?

    Yes! All of our papers are genuine originals from the exact date in history. If you order a newspaper from our website your Certificate of Authenticity will provide additional legal reassurance of your paper’s credibility. We currently house around 4 million original newspapers dating back to the early 1900s, as well as a fantastic range of Victorian papers.

  • What Are The Presentation Options?

    We offer a range of impressive gift packages that make our newspapers a truly fantastic present. Our gift pack options range from a simple but effective presentation box, a newspaper paired with alcohol of your choice, or even the newspaper bound into a full-sized hardback book.

    If you are interested in our reproduced newspaper books, we offer a luxury gift box which adds something a little bit special to any order, and also keeps the book safely preserved while not being read and enjoyed.

  • Do You Have Any Discount Codes Running Currently?

    At Historic Newspapers we are always offering our customers fantastic deals and special offers. Any sitewide offers will be advertised on the website, so keep your eyes peeled! Alternatively, you can keep up to date with the latest offers by signing up to our newsletter where you will receive emails with incredible discount codes. To sign up, simply visit our website, scroll to the bottom of the page and type in your email address.

    We also frequently post on our Facebook and Twitter.

  • Where do we get our newspapers from?

    Because all of our newspapers are originals, we may have sourced them from various locations. Most of the newspapers are directly from the publications themselves, but some of our papers have come from libraries or government buildings that have kindly donated to us.

    Because of this, some papers may show signs of use, for example, pen marks, completed crosswords or facility stamps. We think this just makes each paper unique!

  • With the reproduced books/front page reprints, do you only use the Daily Mirror, or can I choose a paper title?

    We sell reproduced newspaper books (e.g. Birthday Edition Book, Football Newspaper Headlines Book) and front page reprints. All of our reprinted newspaper products are taken from the Daily Mirror as this is the only publication that we are licensed to reprint.

    If you were looking for a different newspaper publication, we would recommend browsing our Original Newspaper section to see what we have in our archive for the date you are interested in.

  • Delivery

    When calculating your expected delivery date, you must factor in the production time for each product. Photos and photo books have a production time of 3-5 working days as these are hand made to order, selected date newspaper books have 1-3 working days, and other newspaper books and original newspapers have only 1-2 working days. After your production time, you need to add on delivery time. For standard Royal Mail delivery you should expect 1-3 working days and for urgent delivery your order should be with you one working day after production is complete.

    If you place your order before 11am, production will begin that day. If it is placed after 11am, the production will begin the following day. We have a comprehensive delivery page on our website which gives detailed descriptions of exact delivery times for different orders and delivery methods if you are looking for more information.