Wigtown Shop Front

We've recently been sent this stunning water colour from local(ish) artist Gary Harper. Historic Newspapers as a company is over 25 years old, and has always been rooted in Wigtown, Scotland's national book town.

To learn more about the world's largest private UK newspaper archive visit the info page here. The archive holds over 4 million original newspapers spanning 4 centuries so takes some looking after. This is why we're Wigtown's largest employer, and have been for some time. The newspapers themselves have been cataloged dating back to 1900 by publication date, and newspaper title. We do however have titles available to purchase dating back prior to 1830, and also have a research team for any special requirements.

If you'd like to see some photos of the newspaper archive where they are actually stored in Wigtown then have a look at this album on our Facebook page.

Shop Front Painting


Shop Front Photos


To view more of this artists work or get in contact please visit: www.garryharper.co.uk

Historic Newspapers Wigtown shop painting by artist Gary Harper and photos with further details on the companies ties to Scotland's national book town.