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Historic Newspapers are proud to have the world’s largest archive of commemorative newspapers. Whether you are you looking to commemorate a special date or occasion you will be sure to find what you are looking for, start searching now by entering a date of your choice. Commemorative newspaper gifts can be accompanied by one of our many presentation options for the perfect finishing touch alongside the certificate of authenticity which accompanies every commemorative newspaper from the archive.

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Commemorative Newspapers

Commemorative Newspapers UK

Please note: After the terribly sad news about the late Queen Elizabeth II, the demand for our newspapers from Friday 9th September has increased. The country is in mourning and we know holding a piece of history can offer solace. Unfortunately due to the very high demand, we cannot guarantee all orders will be fulfilled. If we can’t fulfill your order, one of our team will be in touch within the next 7 days to confirm a refund. Alternatively, if you would like to be contacted about a historical newspaper book showcasing the Queen’s life that will be arriving shortly please email:

A commemorative newspaper is a gift that will be treasured for years to come and will be forever held dear by the recipient. As they are date specific a newspaper makes the perfect commemorative gift for a special time in someone’s life, this is what makes them ideal for special milestone events being celebrated. Some of the most popular occasions in one’s life for which a commemorative newspaper is ideal include:

  • Milestone Birthdays – such as a 50th, 60th, 70th etc
  • Milestone Anniversaries – such as Silver, Ruby, Gold etc
  • Milestone Events – such as christenings, retirements, graduations etc

Commemorative Newspaper Gifts

After choosing a title for your special date there is the option to add a presentation option to give your commemorative newspaper the perfect finishing touch. There is a huge range to choose from so you will be sure to find the perfect match for your recipient. One of our most popular options is the wine and spirit gift set which comes in a red silk lined presentation case and is accompanied by a bottle of their favourite tipple of your choosing. Other options include luxury presentation folders and deluxe gift boxes. There is also the option to frame the newspaper, this is an ideal option for a commemorative front page newspaper covering a special event held dear by the person receiving it.

Commemorative Newspaper Books

In addition to the genuine and original commemorative newspapers that are available commemorative newspaper books are also available for any date of your choosing. There are a range of books available which include reproduction newspapers; one of the most popular is the Birthday Edition which includes a front page from the recipient’s birthday date of birth and every following birthday. These however are of course reprints of newspapers and not original back issues. All commemorative newspapers are guaranteed genuine originals and are supplied with a certificate of authenticity which can be personalised with any name, message and occasion free of charge.


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Robert Guest May 21 2024

Arrived promptly well made and a…

Arrived promptly well made and a wonderful gift

The Monze May 20 2024

Great gift idea worth the money

Ordered a Beatles version for a friends birthday present. Quality of the book was very good and presentation was excellent. Saw some feedback about poor quality reproduction but this certainly wasn’t our experience. I will definitely consider buying again.

Julie Beale May 20 2024

It's a gift for a friend's 60th…

It's a gift for a friend's 60th Birthday. I love it I hope he does too.

Gregor Mcleod May 20 2024

Love it

Love it Got it for hubby's birthday, all the family think it's just a perfect gift...

Annonymous May 20 2024

Excellent Gift

The delivery and above all the contents of the book is so good. It was a gift and they are enjpying every bit of it.

Martyn Harrison May 17 2024

Very professional in all aspects.

Very professional in all aspects.

Donna Scott May 17 2024

Bought as a 60th birthday for my…

Bought as a 60th birthday for my brother, he absolutely loved it .

Janice Chalmers May 17 2024

Arrived on time ,boxed and finished…

Arrived on time ,boxed and finished beautifully.I was delighted with the book.

Ian Sanderson May 17 2024

Excellent unique product

Great product, price, options, postage and service