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Personalised Long Service Award Gifts


Looking for inspirational gift ideas for long service awards? Bestow your employees (and friends) with a delightful personalised long service gift to celebrate their outstanding work.

Whether they’re off to broaden their career or just deserving of a reward, our huge range of service award gifts below are the perfect way to show your thanks.

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  • Softback Year Newspaper book
    71 reviews

    Softback Year Book Newspaper Book

    070101010000Softback Year Book Newspaper BookPersonalised Gifts/Your Date Newspaper Books24.99
  • the book about you
    25 reviews

    The Book About You

    From £19.99
    The Book About YouPersonalised Gifts/Your Date Newspaper Books19.99
  • Decade Newspaper Books Hardback
    5 reviews

    Decade Newspaper Books Hardback

    Decade Newspaper Books HardbackPersonalised Gifts/Your Date Newspaper Books29.99
  • This Is Your Life Newspaper collection book
    11 reviews

    This is Your Life Newspaper Book

    From £59.99
    This is Your Life Newspaper BookPersonalised Gifts/Your Date Newspaper Books59.99
  • 3 reviews

    Decade Books – Softback

    Decade Books - SoftbackPersonalised Gifts/Your Date Newspaper Books17.99

Historic Newspapers pride ourselves on having an historic gift for any occasion. Some employee long service award gift ideas we’ve been proud to help out with in the past have been a newspaper to commemorate their special date, as well as our popular range of newspaper and alcohol gift packs.