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1920s Gifts

1920s Gifts


On the 10th January 1920, The League of Nations was formed to maintain world peace after WWI.

If you’re looking for gifts from the 1920s or a 100th birthday gift, discover incredible coverage from this decade, with 20s gifts on WWI, Victorian newspapers and more 1920s memorabilia. A decade of great change all over the world, our 1920s gift ideas will appeal greatly to anyone with a keen sense of history.

Our 1920s newspaper books cover some of the biggest events of the decade, such as the discovery of King Tutankhamun’s tomb, American Prohibition, Women’s Suffrage and the flights of Lindbergh and Earhart. Or, for some even more authentic 1920s nostalgia, why not purchase an old newspaper from our archives? We offer original papers from every year of the Roaring Twenties, with issues of The Times, The Mirror, the Sunday papers and more.