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1940s Original Newspaper Gift

1940s Gifts


On 10th May 1940, Winston Churchill became prime minister of the coalition government.

Discover the major headlines during this decade, with 1940s memorabilia. 40s gifts make fascinating mementos of the past, perfect for as a 80th birthday gift. With 1940s gift ideas, become immersed in events that changed the world, from the Blitz, WWII, or newspapers that captured an incredibly historic moment.

Our 1940s newspaper books cover some of the biggest events of a decade dominated by the Second World War, including Dunkirk, D-Day and Pearl Harbor, as well as its ensuing events, such as Hiroshima and the Cold War. Or, why not purchase an old newspaper from our archives? We offer original papers from every year of the 1940s, with issues of The Times, The Mirror, the Sunday papers and more.