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1956 Gifts


Are you celebrating someone’s birthday from 1956? We have got amazing ideas for 1956 birthday gifts, from newspaper front page reprints to our extra special personalised birthday newspaper books. Treat your loved one to a truly wonderful present that lets them look back at the newspaper headlines from this special year.

Stroll Down Memory Lane with our Range of Gifts Dating Back to 1956

1956 was a memorable year, with rock and roll becoming a worldwide phenomenon. Elvis Presley quickly rose to fame after his debut album was released in March 1956 and, of course, he went on to be one of the most significant pop culture icons of the 20th century.

Why not commemorate a loved one’s birthday with one of our incredible personalised gifts? Perhaps our This is Your Life Picture Book, which features the front page headline from a date of your choice and a selection of newspaper photographs from every subsequent year. The perfect gift for a visual snapshot of someone’s life.