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1957 Gifts


Our range of personalised gifts from 1957 will spark significant memories for the recipient. Important events from this special year may tie in with the recipient’s own life events. Gift ideas like our birthday newspapers, classic novels or vintage cookbooks will make any occasion a nostalgic joy to behold. Pick a personalised gift to celebrate the memories they’ve made and treasure them for years to come.

1957 Gifts Every History Buff Will Love

As Elvis continues capturing the hearts of the globe, 1957 was a great year for the entertainment industry. Elvis released the iconic song Jailhouse Rock, Dr. Seuss published his infamous children’s book The Cat in the Hat and to cap it all off West Side Story first opened on Broadway.

The majority of our gift ideas can be personalised with the recipient’s name and a personal message to them, so they can remember the special day they received their gift. We have the largest archive of newspapers in the world, so we certainly have the perfect gift for everyone.