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1900s Original Newspapers

1961 Gifts


Start your search for the perfect personalised gift here. A nostalgic gift should be a precious reminder for the individual, allowing them a unique view back in time to the year they were born. Pick from a wide selection of newspapers from the world’s largest newspaper archive or choose a book to reconnect the recipient with memories from their past.

1961 Birthday Gifts to Mark a Special Year in History

Whether it’s a 1961 birthday gift or an anniversary keepsake, you’ll find a spectacular range to choose from. Our vast selection of authentic, original newspapers means they will receive the full news from the day they were born, or you can choose our best-selling Birthday Edition newspaper book which comprises headline news from every birthday since the year they were born.

Every newspaper gift we offer gives a unique view into history and becomes even more special as it is personalised by you to mark their milestone. Our personalisation is available on many of our gifts and allows you to add the recipient’s name and a message from you to make your gift truly memorable.