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1965 Gifts


We’re halfway through the 1960s – the decade that saw The Beatles rise to critical acclaim and the start of the infamous Space Race. Was your loved one born in 1965? Perhaps you want to celebrate another special occasion. Commemorate every occasion with our range of 1965 birthday gifts.

Why Choose Our Personalised 1965 Presents?

With our massive archive of old newspapers, you can give them a real piece of history from 1965. Our range of gifts are really popular choices for milestone birthdays, like a parent’s birthday, and anniversary occasions. Or maybe you just know someone at work retiring soon who absolutely loved The Beatles.

Many of our gifts can be personalised with the recipient’s name, the occasion and a personal message, including our best-selling Personalised Birthday Newspaper Book. Our This is Your Life Picture Book is also a popular choice to celebrate someone’s life, as they get to look back through the pictorial book and remember so many of the key events from their lifetime.