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1968 Gifts


Discover bespoke presents from 1968 to make the recipient feel nostalgic. With a personalised gift dating back to 1968, individuals can look back on how the world once was. Unusual gifts like newspaper books or historical photos make interesting keepsakes no one else would think of. A 1968 present for birthdays or anniversaries will make a lasting impression no matter the occasion.

1968 Present Ideas that Make Incredible, Personalised Keepsakes

1968: the year that saw the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr., the premiere of Oliver! (the film based on the hit West End musical) and the release of The Beatles’ Hey Jude, which was #1 for 9 weeks.

Personalisation adds an extra special touch to every gift, making sure the recipient knows how much thought and care you put into their present. Whatever the occasion, they will love one of our newspaper gifts, as they are bound to instil a feeling of nostalgia like no other.