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1971 Gifts


Those born or married in this year will find their perfect present within our personalised range of gifts. Not only are they a piece of history that takes the recipient back through history, our 1971 birthday gifts are personalised by you; an ideal way to mark the special occasion.

A Historic Gift Straight Out of the Year 1971

From an original 1971 newspaper, to books based around hobbies such as music or cooking, there’s something for everyone, allowing them to look through a window to the past while you commemorate a special occasion… and they’re all personalised too!

Explore everything from our 1970s Newspaper Recipe Book to our Music Decade book in our brilliant range of gifts commemorating the year 1971. Or why not get that special someone a visual representation of their life with our This is Your Life Picture book? Watch their eyes light up as they flick through newspaper photos from all the years of their lifetime.