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Personalised 1975 Birthday Gifts & More

Search the biggest newspaper archive in the world for perfect gifts from 1975. What better way to commemorate a special occasion than with a real piece of history from that special year. Our range of born in 1975 gifts are most popular for milestone birthday and anniversary occasions. The majority of our 1975 gift ideas can be personalised with the recipients name, the occasion and a personal message.

  • This Is Your Life Newspaper collection book
    8 reviews

    This is Your Life Newspaper Book

    From £59.99
    This is Your Life Newspaper BookPersonalised Gifts/Your Date Newspaper Books59.99
  • Your Life in Pictures Book
    17 reviews

    This is Your Life Picture Book

    072401000000This is Your Life Picture BookPersonalised Gifts/Your Date Newspaper Books29.99
  • Year Edition Newspaper Book
    36 reviews

    Year Edition Newspaper Book

    From £49.99
    Year Edition Newspaper BookPersonalised Gifts/Your Date Newspaper Books49.99
  • Birthday Edition Newspaper Book
    360 reviews

    Personalised Birthday Newspaper Book

    From £49.99
    Personalised Birthday Newspaper BookPersonalised Gifts/Your Date Newspaper Books49.99
  • music history of the 1970s book
    1 reviews

    1970s History of Music Decade Book

    0603190101001970s History of Music Decade BookPersonalised Gifts/Nostalgic Gifts/Personalised Music History Books29.99
  • 1970s Recipe newspaper book

    Personalised 1970s Newspaper Recipes Book

    From £17.99
    Personalised 1970s Newspaper Recipes BookPersonalised Gifts/Nostalgic Gifts/Vintage Recipe Cookbooks17.99
  • Softback Year Newspaper book
    63 reviews

    Softback Year Book Newspaper Book

    070101010000Softback Year Book Newspaper BookPersonalised Gifts/Your Date Newspaper Books24.99
  • Old Newspapers
    2489 reviews

    Old Newspaper

    From: £19.99
    3203fjOld NewspaperPersonalised Gifts/Personalised Wedding Anniversary Gifts19.99
  • Front Page Reprint
    33 reviews

    Front Page Newspaper Reprints

    From £9.99
    Front Page Newspaper ReprintsPersonalised Gifts/Milestone Birthday Gifts/Unique 50th Birthday Gifts9.99
  • Back Issue Newspapers
    2489 reviews

    Back Issue Newspapers

    From: £9.99
    3203fj-2Back Issue NewspapersPersonalised Gifts/Personalised Wedding Anniversary Gifts9.99