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1970 Newspaper - 40th Birthday

1975 Gifts


With the largest archive of original newspapers at your fingertips, you will certainly find the perfect personalised gift for your loved ones. Whether it’s for a birthday, wedding anniversary or you know someone who adores ABBA and ‘70s music, we’ve got everything you could ever need in our 1975 range of newspaper gifts.

Our Range has 1975 Gifts for Everyone

1975 was one big year in history, especially for British politics, as Margaret Thatcher defeated Edward Heath for leadership of the Conservatives. 1975 was also the year Jaws was released and saw Sonny and Cher get divorced. 

Why not add a special touch to your gift and personalise it with the recipient’s name and a message marking the occasion? They will love looking back in years to come and remembering when they were given this cherished gift.