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1970 Newspaper - 40th Birthday

1977 Gifts


Picking a gift from the year 1977 is exciting. From decade books to vintage cookbooks and classic novels, find the perfect personalised gift for someone born in 1977. What happened during this year that made it so memorable to the recipient? Was 1977 the birth year of someone special? Commemorate the occasion with a newspaper gift to rekindle memories from this special year.

Gifts Dating Back From 1977 Bring a Wonderful Sense of Nostalgia

1977 was the year of Queen Elizabeth II’s silver jubilee and saw the eradication of smallpox. Let’s also not forget Apple Corp was incorporated in 1977, with Jobs and Wozniak shipping their first computers in June 1977.

Personalise your gift for an extra special touch! Our books come with the option to personalise with the recipient’s name embossed on the cover. Check out the details of the personalisation options for all of our gifts, as many of our gifts can be personalised in different ways.