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Find a gift from 1979 for any occasion

If you’re looking for 1979 birthday gifts, our newspaper keepsakes are the perfect starting point. A 1979 newspaper could open up a nostalgic window into the past. Headlines reporting on events at the time could spark the individual’s own precious memories tied to the year. After all, some of the most important events worldwide occurred in 1979, from Margaret Thatcher becoming the first female Prime Minister in the UK to Sony releasing its first Walkman. Any manner of events could be a world of nostalgia waiting to happen.

  • This Is Your Life Newspaper collection book
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    This is Your Life Newspaper Book

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  • Your Life in Pictures Book
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    This is Your Life Picture Book

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  • Year Edition Newspaper Book
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    Year Edition Newspaper Book

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  • Birthday Edition Newspaper Book
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    Personalised Birthday Newspaper Book

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  • music history of the 1970s book
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    1970s History of Music Decade Book

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  • 1970s Recipe newspaper book

    Personalised 1970s Newspaper Recipes Book

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    Personalised 1970s Newspaper Recipes BookPersonalised Gifts/Nostalgic Gifts/Vintage Recipe Cookbooks17.99
  • Softback Year Newspaper book
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    Softback Year Book Newspaper Book

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  • Old Newspapers
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    Old Newspaper

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  • Front Page Reprint
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    Front Page Newspaper Reprints

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  • Back Issue Newspapers
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    Back Issue Newspapers

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