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1981 Gifts


Our gift ideas for people born in 1981 will spark significant memories for the recipient. Important events from 1981 may tie in with their own life, so take a look at our personalised gifts dating back to 1981, including birthday newspapers, classic novels and vintage cookbooks. They will make any occasion a nostalgic joy to behold. Pick a personalised gift to celebrate the memories they’ve made that they will treasure for years to come.

Check out our range of 1981 Birthday Gifts

1981 saw the start of the AIDS epidemic, the assassination of Pope John Paul II and the first space shuttle, Columbia 1, returning to Earh. Lots of newsworthy events to explore, so what’s better than a genuine newspaper from the year 1981?

Take your loved one on a walk down memory lane with all our personalised newspaper gifts that come with nostalgia guaranteed. You could treat them to a birthday book with their name embossed on the cover or perhaps a visual representation of their life with our This Is Your Life in Pictures book that features newspaper images from each year of their lives.