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1986 Gifts


Find fascinating snippets of 1986 history to make a real impression this year. Want a unique birthday gift idea? The world’s largest newspaper archive will give you history tailored around the date you choose for the recipient. With personalised gifts dating back to 1986, like newspaper sports books and music decade books, you’ll find 1986 gifts they’ll truly cherish.

Gifts Dated 1986 Make the Best Presents for Every Occasion

A personalised gift really does add that extra special touch. They make the recipient feel loved and cared about, as you have clearly put lots of thought into their gift. Our newspaper books make excellent presents for a milestone birthday or maybe even an anniversary keepsake.

Our books are designed to be enjoyed year after year, with interesting newspaper content on every page. Maybe your loved one is a wannabe historian or perhaps someone is celebrating something special that happened in 1986. Whatever the occasion, we’ve got the perfect personalised gift for you.