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1989 Gifts


1989 was an interesting year in history. For some, this year marks important life milestones and for others, birthdays of special individuals. To make this year truly memorable, pick something from our 1989 range of birthday gifts, from our captivating decade books to vintage cookbooks and classic novels. Or if you’re shopping for someone with a keen sense of history, how about a genuine 1989 newspaper? What happened during this year that made it so memorable to the recipient? They’ll know soon enough with the beautiful token you choose to create just for them.

Gifts from 1989 Bring a Wonderful Sense of Nostalgia

Everyone loves the feeling of nostalgia, so get them a gift jam-packed with nostalgia, like our personalised birthday newspaper book. Nothing beats being able to flick through the newspaper headlines from across your lifetime and remembering where you were in your own life at each point in history.

Watch as their face lights up when they notice the gorgeous personalisation on the cover of their newspaper book. Many of our gifts can be personalised with the recipient’s name embossed on the cover of the books as well as a loving message featured on the title page. Explore the details of each gift to find out if you can personalise it uniquely for your loved one.