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The Times Newspaper Archive

1999 Gifts


1999 makes for an interesting year in history and makes for an even more fascinating personalised birthday gift idea for someone special. With newspaper books, personalised classic novels and more, you’re bound to find a unique gift. If you want a special anniversary gift idea, how about a commemorative newspaper? 1999 was a significant year, so pick a spectacular gift for anyone celebrating this year.

Why Pick a Newspaper Present Dated 1999?

Whether they were born in 1999 or got married in 1999, we’ve certainly got the perfect present for everyone. Personalise your newspaper book with the recipient’s name and a personal message to add a finer detail to the gift and make it stand out that much more.

What better way to celebrate the last year of the 20th century than with a commemorative newspaper gift. Or perhaps even a genuine newspaper from a specific date in 1999? With our brilliant 1999 range of newspaper gifts, you are bound to find a gift that is just right for your loved one.