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vintage cook books

Vintage Recipe Cookbooks


Take your taste buds on a trip down memory lane with Vintage Recipe Cookbooks of the decade. Featuring original advice columns, novelty adverts and delicious dishes that made the era recognisable, you’re guaranteed to feel nostalgic with iconic dishes from the 30s all the way to the 90s. It’s the perfect present for any food aficionado, available in softback, personalised with Any Name and Message or gold-embossed on our hardback editions.

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Old Cookbooks From Papers Give Unique Insight Into the Past

It’s quite amazing how much insight old cookbooks can give into how society was at a certain point in time. With these vintage cookbooks, you can discover how the American Wall Street Crash and ensuing rise in unemployment affected meal times, or how those back home coped during World War II and the period of rationing that came with it. Later in the 20th century, as immigration became more common, so did cooking foreign dishes, as well as the widespread use of more exotic ingredients. Towards the end of the century, with the class divide being wedged further apart, fridge-freezers and microwaves revolutionised cooking for an entire generation.