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1946 Newspaper Headlines

Our selection of 1946 newspaper articles tell the stories of some of the most major events the world had ever seen. The previous year had seen the end of World War II and the fall of Nazi Germany. The world was in a state of suspended shock as nations tried to comprehend the utter devastation that the war had left in its wake, and to find a point to begin a long process of repair. 1946 news was filled with tales of war crime trials as people were punished for their involvement in crimes of war. 1946 saw the formation of many peaceful organisations such as UNESCO, The United Nations and Unicef in order to prevent another outbreak of war. People had to find hope in the idea of a better future. The Atomic Energy Act was created to oversee the creation of nuclear weapons and implement their peaceful use. Additionally, the bikini made its debut into the swimwear world and tupperware was introduced to the American kitchen. Discover more about this fascinating year in history for more historical insights.

10th January 1946 The first meeting of the United Nations is held in London.
14th February 1946The Bank of England is nationalised.
15th March 1946Clement Attlee promises independence to India, as soon as they can agree on a constitution.
7th May 1946Tokyo Telecommunications Engineering, later renamed Sony, is founded with approximately twenty employees.
20th May 1946The House of Commons decides to nationalise mines.
14th June 1946John Logie Baird, Scottish television pioneer (b. 1888) dies following a stroke. The Australian Television Awards are named “The Logies” in his honour.
4th July 1946The Philippines achieve full independence following over 381 years of Western dominance.
4th August 1946A devastating earthquake hits the northern Dominican Republic, measuring 8.0 on the Richter scale of magnitude. One hundred people are killed and 20,000 are left homeless.
19th August 1946Violence between Muslims and Hindus leaves 3,000 people dead in Calcutta.
1st October 1946‘Mensa International’ is founded by British scientist and lawyer, Dr Lancelot Ware. It is an organisation for people with exceptionally high intelligence quotients.
15th October 1946Nuremberg Trials: Hermann Göring, founder of the Gestapo and a recently convicted Nazi war criminal, poisons himself hours before his scheduled execution.
16th October 1946Nazi War criminals convicted in the Nuremberg Trials are executed by hanging in a gymnasium in the Nuremberg Palace of Justice.
10th November 1946The Slimbridge Wetland Reserve opens in England.
17th November 1946Eight British servicemen are killed in Jerusalem by Jewish nationalists.
11th December 1946The United Nations Children's Emergency Fund (UNICEF ) is founded.
26th December 1946David Lean's “Great Expectations“, based on the Charles Dickens novel, is released to great acclaim in England. The film features John Mills, Valerie Hobson, Martita Hunt, Alec Guinness, Francis L. Sullivan, Jean Simmons and Finlay Currie.
31st December 1946President Harry Truman delivers Proclamation 2714, which officially ends hostilities in the Second World War.
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