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1952 Newspaper Headlines

1952 newspaper articles are a great gift idea for birthdays or other special occasions. What happened in 1952 that was particularly memorable? In 1952 America was prospering, despite the raging Korean war. Elizabeth II was proclaimed Queen of England at St. James’ Palace, beginning a reign that has lasted to the present day. Other notable events include the famous actor Charlie Chaplin being denied entry to the US due to his liberal beliefs, and the creation of the first Mr Potato Head toy. An original 1952 newspaper is a fantastic way to remember this year in history.

8th January 1952West Germany announces eight million refugees inside its borders.
7th February 1952Elizabeth II is proclaimed Queen of the United Kingdom at St. James's Palace.
14th February 1952The Winter Olympics open in Oslo, Norway.
15th February 1952The funeral of King George VI takes place at St George's Chapel in Windsor Castle.
1st May 1952East Germany threatens to form its own Army.
18th May 1952Ann Davison becomes the first woman to single-handedly sail the Atlantic Ocean.
15th June 1952 “The Diary of Anne Frank” is published.
19th July 1952The Summer Olympics open in Helsinki, Finland.
16th August 1952 Floods devastate Lynmouth in North Devon, killing thirty-four people.
26th August 1952A British passenger jet flies twice over the Atlantic Ocean in the same day.
8th October 1952A large crash involving three trains occurs at the Harrow railway station, killing 112 people.
19th October 1952John Bamford, aged 15-years-old, rescues victims of a house fire and subsequently becomes the youngest person to have been awarded the George Cross.
25th November 1952Agatha Christie's murder-mystery play "The Mousetrap" opens at the Ambassadors Theatre in London. It is now the longest continuously running production of a play in history.
4th December 1952A "killer fog" descends on London and the word "Smog", a combination of "smoke" and "fog", originates.
14th December 1952The first successful surgical separation of Siamese twins is conducted in Mount Sinai Hospital in Cleveland, Ohio.
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