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1966 Newspaper Headlines Summary

The 60’s was a decade filled with change. Many things happened during this decade that would shape the future of society forever. Employment increased, which meant that people had more money to spend on leisure activities. Freedom and equality were signature ethos of the 60’s, and was embodied iconically by the Hippie movement. 1966 newspaper headlines tell page-turning stories about all the events that occurred during this exciting year. It was the year in which Harold Wilson became Prime Minister, implementing a labour government. The Beatles released their legendary album “Revolver”, Walt Disney passed away after contracting lung cancer, and Star Trek was shown on television for the first time. There are plenty of 1966 news stories to choose from if you have a particular interest in any of these events, and many more.

19th January 1966Indira Gandhi is elected Prime Minister of India; she is sworn in on 24th January 1966.
9th March 1966Ronnie Kray murders George Cornell in East London's Blind Beggar pub. He is convicted of the crime three years later, in 1969.
20th March 1966The Jules Rimet Trophy, the original prize for winning the FIFA World Cup, is stolen at an exhibition. It is later found by a dog named "Pickles" and his owner David Corbett.
31st March 1966The Labour Party wins the general election under leader Harold Wilson.
21st April 1966The opening of Parliament is televised for the first time.
30th April 1966Regular hovercraft service begins over the English Channel. It runs until 2000 and is then discontinued due to the emergence of the Channel Tunnel.
6th May 1966The Moors Murder trial comes to a close with Ian Brady being found guilty on all three counts of murder. He is sentenced to three concurrent terms of life imprisonment. Myra Hindley is convicted on two counts of murder and of being an accessory in the third murder committed by Brady; she receives two concurrent terms of life imprisonment and a seven-year fixed term for being an accessory.
29th June 1966A sailors' strike, organised by the National Union of Seamen, ends in the United Kingdom.
16th July 1966Prime Minister Harold Wilson flies to Moscow for peace negotiations over the Vietnam War. A meeting with Russian leaders is unsuccessful, as the Soviet government refutes his ideas.
30th July 1966England beats West Germany 4-2 after extra time to win the 1966 FIFA World Cup at Wembley.
5th August 1966The Beatles release the legendary “Revolver” album.
8th September 1966“Star Trek“ is shown on television for the first time. The opening episode is titled "The Man Trap".
19th September 1966Scotland Yard arrests Ronald Edwards, a suspect in the Great Train Robbery.
21st October 1966 A landslide devastates the town of Aberfan in South Wales. 144 people are killed and 116 of these victims are children between the ages of seven and ten. Many of these children had attended Pantglas Junior School, which had been destroyed in the landslide.
22nd October 1966British spy George Blake escapes from Wormwood Scrubs prison; he is next seen in Moscow.
9th November 1966John Lennon meets Yoko Ono at the Indica Gallery.
15th December 1966 Walt Disney, American animated film producer (b. 1901) dies from lung cancer.

31st December 1966
Thieves steal millions of pounds-worth of paintings from the Dulwich Art Gallery in London.
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