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Headlines From 1976 Events UK

Recipients love to read what was happening in the world on a date that has a special meaning to them, such as a birthday or anniversary, as it creates a fascinating connection with their past. A 1976 Newspaper offers the ultimate insight into 1976 news as it offers a true window into how the world once was, reported first hand from those living at that time. Birthday Newspapers offer a wonderful trip down memory lane, and the personal nature of this present will show that you have put a lot of thought into your gift.

Headlines From 1976 Events

Not only will your newspaper be a fantastic way to discover 1976 history but it will also be a treasured gift of high sentimental value. This is made even more special with the certificate of authenticity included with every 1976 newspaper, at no extra charge. This can be personalised with not only the recipients name and the occasion but also a personal message. Add the perfect finishing touch to this special gift with one of our many stunning presentation options, ranging from commemorative keepsake folders to beautifully crafted gift boxes.

These look great but will also help to store your 1976 newspaper so that it can be referred to and enjoyed for many years to come. Not just by the person receiving it but by future generations that will enjoy sharing trips down memory lane as the 1976 pictures, headlines and news reports bring back fond memories from the past.

Newspaper 1976 Article Coverage

Please see below for a breakdown of important events that happened in 1976 which are likely to be covered in your newspaper dependent on the date selected. If you're looking for specific 1976 news headlines then please feel free to contact our archivist team who are experts when it comes to researching old newspapers from this significant period of historical interest.

Date Event
21st January 1976The first commercial Concorde flight takes off.
4th February 1976The 1976 Winter Olympics open in Innsbruck, Austria.
1st March 1976Home Secretary Merlyn Rees ends Special Category Status for those sentenced for scheduled terrorist crimes relating to the civil violence in Northern Ireland.
16th March 1976 Harold Wilson resigns as Prime Minister.
26th March 1976The Queen sends the first royal e-mail.
3rd April 1976The United Kingdom wins the 1976 Eurovision Song Contest. The country is represented by Brotherhood of Man, with the song “Save Your Kisses for Me“.
5th April 1976 James Callaghan becomes the new Prime Minister.
16th April 1976As a measure to curb population growth, the minimum age for marriage in India is raised to twenty-one years for men and eighteen years for women.
14th June 1976The trial of Donald Neilson begins at Oxford Crown Court. The killer is also known as the 'Black Panther'.
20th June 1976Czechoslovakia beats West Germany 5-3 on penalties to win the 1976 European Football Championships. The game had ended 2-2 after extra time.
3rd July 1976The Great Heat Wave reaches its peak in the United Kingdom. The country had already been struggling with a drought.
17th July 1976The 1976 Summer Olympics open in Montreal, Canada.
27th July 1976The United Kingdom breaks diplomatic relations with Uganda.
5th August 1976 ‘Big Ben’ suffers internal damage and the clock stops working for over nine months.
14th August 1976 Ten thousand Protestant and Catholic women demonstrate for peace in Northern Ireland.
25th September 1976The Irish rock band U2 is formed after drummer Larry Mullen Jr. posts a note seeking members for a band on the notice board of his Dublin school.
19th October 1976 The Chimpanzee is placed on the list of endangered species.
3rd December 1976 Bob Marley and his manager Don Taylor are shot in an assassination attempt in Kingston, Jamaica.
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